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Graphic designer and all-round awesome dude Massimo of The Angry Designer Podcast approached us for some help with their social media and blog posts.

Graphic designer and all-round awesome dude Massimo of The Angry Designer Podcast approached us for some help with their social media and blog posts.

Having worked on a number of copywriting projects with Massimo’s brand strategy and design agency, zfactor,  we already knew we worked well together. So, when Massimo and his colleague Shawn were looking to improve engagement and expand the audience of their podcast, as well as create a series of informative blog posts to help with SEO & to flesh out their website offering, they thought of us.

The ladies at Mad-Communications simply rock - and cannot be compared to any other copywriting service (in our humble, but outspoken opinion). They've tirelessly helped define The Angry Designer Podcast brand, messaging and voice, while consistently bringing new creative ideas to the table. Agency side, they are a partner we can count on to deliver high quality copy, consistently! The team at M.A.D Communications has become an indispensable part of not only our agency, but also our Podcast and you would be Mad to go elsewhere (Bad pun - I know...I'm not the copy expert...they are). Massimo, The Angry Designer Podcast

The Angry Designer’s unique style, branding and tone of voice had already been established (they are professional graphic designers after all!), so Massimo’s main concern was to capture that same style with every social media and blog post, while also reaching a rather niche target audience of those within the design community who may be struggling or in need of inspiration.

We started by getting to grips with the work they had produced so far, immersing ourselves in their fun, hard-hitting communication style. For the blog posts, we emulated that same tone, taking inspiration from previous podcasts and transferring them into simple, easy to digest blogs. Of course, SEO played a big factor in the content of the blogs, and we ensured we used carefully crafted keywords to reach the right audiences and boost website rankings on search engine results.

For the social media, Massimo wanted to focus primarily on building their following on Instagram. We came up with a dedicated, regular posting schedule and a mix of content types to inspire, entertain and inform their target audiences, and have been creating content to support the podcast each week. Their preference for in-your-face designs allowed us to really flex our creative muscles, while also having crazy amounts of fun throughout the entire process.

Most posts were organic, with a few carefully selected paid ads included to cast a wider net across the design-stagram community. The results, so far, have been excellent, with over 22,000 Instagram accounts reached in the months October 2021 – January 2022, as well as an engagement increase of almost 60% over the same period.


Continued interest and engagement across social media posts and blogs has resulted in not only an increase in website traffic, but also led to a measurable increase in the recognition and rankings of the podcast, which currently sits within the top 10 on Apple Podcasts for graphic design in multiple counties across the globe, including the UK and Canada.

We’re very excited to continue to work with Massimo, Shawn and The Angry Designer Podcast in 2022 to expand their reach even further!

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