Why ChatGPT is not your saviour

6 February 2023

You don’t need us to tell you that ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. After all, if you spend even just 30 seconds scrolling on LinkedIn, you’re bound to find that information out for yourself.

Since its launch in November 2022, a range of industries have been using ChatGPT, the online AI chatbot, to create copy, brainstorm blog ideas, write Instagram captions, enhance their social media strategy, and even code their website.

And while we encourage brands and businesses to experiment with the chatbot and embrace modern technology, we are here to tell you that ChatGPT is not your content creation saviour.

You need more than an AI bot to handle your content strategy- you need a human copywriter.

This blog will mention why ChatGPT is not the key to content creation.

Lacks human emotion

Without human depth and nuance of human writing, ChatGPT will never be able to replace copywriters. AI chatbots just simply do not have the ability to experience and consider emotions as humans do.

So if you want authentic, creative, unique content that resonates with and is aimed at your target audience, we are sorry to say ChatGPT won’t be able to help.

Human emotion is an essential component of effective marketing that drives traffic, leads, and engagement. The best copy engages readers on an emotional level, something only humans can create.

It makes mistakes

Because ChatGPT is not human, it cannot fact-check or guarantee the information it has generated is true and correct. This means you could end up publishing information that includes errors and inaccuracies that damage your brand’s reputation when you let robots do the work.

Even OpenAI, the chatbot creator, admits at its current stage ChatGPT is subject to writing ‘plausible-sounding but incorrect nonsensical answers’. Unlike other AI developments such as Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa, ChatGPT does not search the internet for answers. Instead, it depends on prior training to arrive at a fact-or-fiction response.

Although ChatGPT shows potential to assist in educating and learning, at least for now it is important to not believe everything the bot says and to always check for inaccuracies.

Creates duplicate content

When asked the same or similar question by various different users, ChatGPT lacks creativity and generates the same or similar answer due to biases in the training data. Totally reliant on its training, the AI bot cannot create new ideas, ‘think outside the box’, or take influence from trends to create fresh and exciting approaches.

Using ChatGPT to create your brand’s content essentially means that you risk losing your brand tone of voice and therefore, your audience appeal.

In addition, when duplicate content appears in more than one place on the internet it does not rank in SEO. And what’s more, Google has announced that AI-generated content violates policies.

Looks like you best stick to a good ol’ fashioned copywriter! By choosing to work with a copywriter, social media coordinator, or marketing agency over ChatGPT, you’re not only supporting human-run and led businesses, but you are also securing the future of creative industries.


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