5 Ways to use Chat GPT right now

23 January 2023

Chat GPT is the AI chatbot currently taking over all discussion pages on social media and sparking the conversation about the future of artificial intelligence and how its greater existence will impact life and work as we know it.

Although still in its development stage, Chat GPT, created by Open AI, isn’t quite ready to take over the world (👀) as it is still prone to making mistakes, misinterpreting information, and churning out the same response to multiple users.

Despite its current flaws, Chat GPT is already proving to be a gamer changer across multiple industries. If you’re wondering how you and your business can use Chat GPT, keep reading. Here are five ways you can use Chat GPT right now!

Create copy

Asking Chat GPT to write and create your blog, social media, and website copy is well within its capability. With a simple prompt such as, ‘write a blog post about how to use Chat GPT’, the language model will quickly respond with human-like readable text.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that currently, Chat GPT is likely to create duplicate content and respond with inaccurate information due to training data bias. This means your brand could be at risk of losing its unique tone of voice and could display incorrect and untrue information.

Brainstorm ideas

If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t want to rely solely on AI intelligence, you can use the bot to brainstorm ideas and provide creative inspiration. You could, of course, use Google, but why not see what Chat GPT has to suggest? Whether you need ideas for an upcoming birthday party or new blog posts, simply ask the question and get an immediate response.

You can ask generalised questions such as, ‘give me blog post ideas’, or you can focus on a specific topic by asking ‘give me blog post ideas about Chat GPT and AI technology’.

Play a role

Chat GPT can do much more than respond to basic questions and prompts. Even in its early stages this chatbot can and will play a role. For example, ask the model to act as a travel agent, storyteller, interviewer, recruiter, or even an Excel spreadsheet, and it will take that role into consideration in its response. Impressive, huh?

People have tested the depth of the AI chatbot by asking it to write entertaining, engaging, and imaginative stories that captivate an audience, provide in-depth technology reviews with pros, cons, and comparison features, and create strategies to target qualified applicants in line with job openings and requirements.

Help with coding

The AI-powered chatbot can also write, understand, and with enough context, correct broken code. Users can ask Chat GPT a range of coding questions from general requests such as ‘how to print a series of numbers in python’, to more specific demands such as ‘find the bug in this code’.

The ability to write and understand basic code allows this AI technology to help people build web pages, games, and apps, as well as serve as a debugging assistant and tool.

Learn something new

If you wish to learn something new, you can ask Chat GPT to help you out. Ask ‘how do I make banana bread’, ‘what beginner painting materials do I need’ or ‘how do I play the guitar’ to get started with a new hobby. Similarly, you can ask informative questions such as, ‘tell me about World War 2’, ‘tell me a fun fact about the world’, and ‘what is Einstein’s theory’.

But be careful! Limitations mean the chatbot could get things wrong, so no matter how convincing it sounds, approach with caution and maybe don’t believe everything you read!

So, why not check it out and see what Chat GPT can do for you? Or to find out what this new innovation means for the future of copywriting, click here.



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