What is seasonal content marketing?

12 October 2022

Are you a small business owner or a social media manager looking to elevate your marketing this holiday season? Seasonal content marketing focuses on the promotion of products and services based on relevant upcoming seasons, holidays, and events.

Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, New Year or Easter, seasonal marketing can be a powerful tool in helping your business thrive throughout the seasons.

What is seasonal content?

Content is seasonal when it is based on an upcoming holiday, season or major event and is relevant to a specific time period.

This type of content is a great way to cover new and interesting topics that can help boost the awareness of your brand and reach new audiences.

When you begin to create seasonal content for your business, your editorial calendar quickly becomes filled with unique content ideas that embody your brand and industry.

Seasonal marketing keeps your brand on your audience’s radar all year round.

Some industries see fluctuations across seasons so it’s important to utilise a carefully planned content marketing strategy for you to grow your email list, increase conversions and improve sales.

How to stand out with seasonal content marketing

With Christmas and Halloween just around the corner, brands and businesses are battling to find the best ways to reach a wider audience and boost brand awareness through fun seasonal content.

Here are our top three tips to help your content marketing stand out during the festive and spooky season as well as all year round!

Plan ahead

Just like Rome, impactful and effective seasonal content marketing isn’t built in a day.

Creating a seasonal content calendar which identifies important dates for your diary and events throughout every season is the best way to ensure your brand is well-prepared.

You should aim to begin creating your content, whether that be for social media, email marketing, or a blog, around one month in advance for the best results and execution.

Give your business enough time to create fabulous content that can be shared at specific times and certain days- it’s no good sharing your ‘best Christmas gifts’ article on December 26th.

Incorporate smaller holidays

Christmas content ideas are an important part of every business’s marketing strategy but celebrating the smaller holidays can provide great niche content for your brand.

Identify holidays that have a natural connection with your brand and resonate with your target audience. One of the most important aspects of seasonal content is that it must remain true to your business values.

If a holiday is not relevant to your brand, don’t force the connection but when a genuine connection presents itself, capitalise on the opportunity.

Think evergreen

Although seasonal content is supposed to be, well, seasonal, you may still be able to produce content that can be reused and adapted for future years.

Articles such as ‘easy Christmas nail art’ and ‘festive days out’ remain relevant to the season but can be utilised year after year.

Identifying keyword searches can help when creating and planning evergreen content to allow brands to identify popular terms and searches.

How your business can benefit from seasonal content marketing

Strong customer relationships

Producing content that is relevant and useful proves to the audience your brand is trustworthy and encourages customers to engage.

Building strong customer relationships can lead to customer retention, repeat purchases and a reliable reputation.

Improved brand awareness

This type of content is also highly shareable and can be posted to a variety of platforms meaning that it’s possible to reach a wider audience.

Your brand awareness will be driven as customers share your fun and interesting seasonal content. For this reason, is it important to produce content that is memorable and can spark conversation among friends.

Improved brand awareness increases the chances of generating conversions and you becoming a key player in your market.

Increased sales

Being present with customers and providing them with an honest and reliable experience drives their urge to make a purchase from a brand.

Seasonal marketing can boost sales by focusing on what the customer wants and why they need it now.

Content designed around a particular event, season, or holiday is a great way to add variety and capture the focus of potential and existing customers who are likely to take advantage of seasonal offers.

Do you need some help to spark seasonal content ideas?

For more information about how to improve your seasonal content marketing strategy, get in touch with us today!


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