3 Christmas content ideas

22 September 2022

With less than one hundred days until Christmas, how is your business planning and preparing its festive content?

Christmas is usually the busiest time of year for businesses, and with less than one hundred days until the big occasion, now is the best time to start planning your Christmas content for the holiday season.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, it is never too early to begin preparing your festive content.

During the Christmas period, consumers will search high and low for the perfect gifts and experiences to share with loved ones so it’s important you stand out among the crowd.

Stuck for ideas? Don’t panic! Here are three creative Christmas content ideas for your brand to adopt during the joyous season.

When should I start sharing Christmas content?

It is never too early to start sharing Christmas-themed content on your socials and the earlier you start doing so, the better!

Research shows a steady increase in searches for ‘Christmas gifts’ from August, so businesses should begin to prepare Christmas content for social media, email marketing, and blogs at least three months in advance.

The best time to start sharing and posting your Christmas content is shortly after Halloween. This gives your business time to make an impactful impression on consumers and capture their attention through powerful, purposeful content.

Are you ready to start planning your Christmas content but not sure where to start? Our customisable Christmas content calendar has been designed to help all niches, industries, and professions seamlessly plan their social media content throughout the festive season.

Christmas content ideas for your business

Before you begin planning your Christmas marketing, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. Whether you’re aiming to increase sales, awareness, or customer loyalty, this should be reflected in your content marketing.

Launch a countdown

The lead-up to Christmas is arguably more exciting than the big day itself, so why not create hype around your brand using countdown content?

By delivering countdown to Christmas content, consumers are likely to revisit and remember your business page through the holidays.

You could:

Go behind the scenes

People love to buy from people and by introducing consumers behind the scenes, you create an authentic and genuine connection.

Showing the people behind the brand is a great way of humanising your digital content to forge relationships with existing and potential customers.

You could:

Take time to give back

“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.”

Give back this Christmas season and show your brand appreciation to loyal customers, charities, or random strangers in the street.

Christmas is a time of warmth and happiness but for many, it can be a time of stress, pain, and sadness.

Share the spirit of Christmas through selfless acts of giving to create long-standing trust and loyalty within your following community.

You could:

Stuck for ideas? Don’t fear!

Our copywriting, marketing, and social media services are available to help your business share some Christmas cheer.

If you need a little social media spruce or some help to put the magic in your marketing this festive season, get in touch with us today.



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