3 Scarily Good Halloween Social Media Ideas

18 September 2023

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker, and the leaves are changing colour which can only mean one thing… spooky season is just around the corner.

As we switch from summer lemonade to pumpkin spice lattes and trade nights at the beach for cosy movie nights under the duvet, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween social media content ideas that will engage your audience.

Sharing Halloween themed content on social media is a great way to support your seasonal content marketing strategy.

With Halloween fast approaching, brands and businesses are beginning to plan social media strategy to reach a wider audience and boost brand awareness through seasonal fun and interactive content.

This blog will mention three scarily good Halloween social media ideas guaranteed to engage your audience, boost leads, and drive traffic to your website.

Halloween social media contest and giveaways

Halloween contests and giveaways are part of a seasonal marketing strategy where social media users can participate for a chance to win a prize.

Many brands and businesses host contests, competitions, and giveaways as part of their marketing strategy all year round. This is because contests and giveaways are popular and cost-effective on social media.

By running a Halloween contest or giveaway you can accelerate your seasonal marketing content plan and encourage followers to interact with your brand, products, and website.

How do Halloween contests and giveaways engage the audience?

Contests and giveaways are one of the most effective ways to engage your audience on social media. These initiatives give your followers an incentive to follow, share, and interact with your social media accounts.

For brands and creators, giveaways are one of the most popular and simple types of promotion. For participants, the chance to win a prize of value, for free, is exciting.

Usually, giveaways are free to enter and are based on luck and chance. If entries are paid for, the promotion is considered gambling and a license will need to be obtained. The winner is often decided by using a name generator or by drawing a name from a hat.

However, contests and competitions require participants to earn a prize by displaying skill or knowledge. For example, a social media contest may ask users to share a photo, submit a video message, or come up with a caption for a post. The winner is decided based on the best submission.

It is important you outline the rules of your competition clearly and in detail. This can be stated in the caption of your contest or giveaway post. Additionally, it is important to consider the specific rules regarding contests and giveaways of each social media platform.

3 scarily good Halloween social media ideas to engage your audience

Halloween giveaways and contests are a fang-tastic way to grow your online brand, reach new customers, and engage your audience.

Here are three exciting Halloween social media contest and giveaway ideas.

Pumpkin carving photo contest

It’s not Halloween without a pumpkin so why not ask your followers to submit a photo of their creation to win a prize. Not only does this encourage engagement from your audience, but it also allows you to collect user generated content that you can use in future Halloween marketing campaigns.

Halloween costume contest

A Halloween costume contest is something everybody can join in. Work colleagues, schools, pets, and entire families can enter by snapping a photo of their terrifying outfits. Reward the winning entry with a special giveaway prize.

Thriller dance challenge

Thriller is the song of the season and a popular dance challenge on TikTok. Kick things off by posting a video of your team dancing to Thriller and create your own branded hashtag. Call for your followers to recreate the dance and post with the hashtag to be in for a chance at winning an exciting prize.

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