5 fang-tastic Halloween marketing campaigns

31 October 2022

The spooky season has arrived and brands from Pringles to Pepsi are embracing the spooky spirit with their fang-tastic Halloween marketing campaigns.

When brands miss the mark, fun Halloween campaigns can instantly turn into a nightmare. But when they get it right, successful campaigns can lead to increased brand recognition, awareness, and credibility.

Here are five Halloween marketing campaigns from over the years that we think are simply spook-tacular!

IKEA, 2021

In 2021, IKEA Italy launched their Halloween campaign titled ‘The Fearniture Collection’. With careful positioning and lighting, three IKEA products were made to look like a monster, ghost and spider. The campaign created by DDB Group Italy definitely gave us pumpkin to talk about.

McDonald’s, 2019

Although their 2022 Halloween marketing campaign sparked outrage among social media users, in 2019 McDonald’s got it just right. Their ‘Trick or Cheese’ campaign featured their most famous cheeseburger with a terrifying twist.

Pepsi, 2013

In 2013, Pepsi fuelled the fire by taking a dig at its main competitor Coca Cola. The campaign pictured a Pepsi can wearing a Coca Cola cape captioned, ‘we wish you a scary Halloween’.

But Coca Cola got the last laugh as they jokingly replaced the caption with ‘everybody wants to be a hero’.

Warburtons, 2020

This fab-boo-lous Halloween campaign gives consumers their very own slice of scary. Warburtons temporarily transformed their packaging to mimic the appearance of a pumpkin.

Pringles, 2021

For Halloween in 2021, Pringles released limited edition Sour Cream and Onion and Oooriginal flavoured chips for the spooky celebration. Decorated by a mummy’s hand reaching from the bottom of the can, Pringles also launched a glow-in-the-dark design to give an extra fright.

Have you spotted any un-boo-lievable Halloween marketing campaigns? Let us know your favourite! We would love for you to share and discuss with us!

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