The Week in Socials – Social Media News – 21st January 2022

21 January 2022

Welcome to the latest instalment of our weekly social media news series – The Week in Socials.

We’ve hand-picked the most interesting social media news of the week and smooshed them all into one bite sized blog, giving you your Friday socials fix to enjoy with a well-deserved end of the week cuppa.


Instagram roll out video remix options to all videos

Instagram are looking to up their social media video creativity options by introducing the Remix feature across their entire range of video offerings.

The move looks set to give creators additional opportunities for creative freedom in their responses and engagement across the platform.


As explained by Alexandru Voica, “Remix gives you ways to respond to and reinvent the creative videos shared on Instagram every day, collaborate with others and get discovered by new audiences.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how the TikTok-esque feature is used across the platform!


Meta announces plans to integrate WhatsApp into its social media workplace platform

 In the latest step towards an online meta-verse, the social media giant Meta are now looking to implement better ways for businesses to connect with their staff and colleagues.

The new integration will allow business to share internal updates within the Workplace platform, with a focus on simple communications and increased interaction with remote employees.

With the pandemic leaving many frontline workers feeling increasingly isolated, the platform are looking for new ways to tackle this in a new era of remote and hybrid working.


Instagram test fan subscriptions

In a move set to expand on the social media platforms monetisation options for content creators, Instagram are testing new ways to keep creators away from rival sits such as TikTok and Youtube.

The new subscription option, currently only available to a very select group of creators, will allow users to access a subscribe feature through the creators profile, allowing them access to exclusive content.

The variable monthly amount between $0.99 and $99.99 will allow users access to:

An interesting opportunity for content creators to get creative with their offering – something they’ll need to do if they want to keep paying fans entertained!


LinkedIn introduce three new courses, as well as alert and newsletter tools for businesses

2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year for businesses looking to up their LinkedIn marketing game.

The platform have recently released three new courses to their LinkedIn Marketing Labs hub, allowing users to get to grips with several key elements of building their online presence on the site, including:

The platform have also announced several new updates across the site, including new testing of their Audio Events feature, new prompts to share profile information with your connections, and an exciting option for company pages with over 500 followers to create regular newsletters to keep their followers updated and engaged.


TikTok look to improve content offering with new ‘Stories’ feature

TikTok is looking to expand on its suite of creative monetisation options for creators. The video sharing giant is currently testing a new feature, which will integrate TikTok Stories into the audience’s main ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds.


This update would remove the need for users to access Stories in their current segmented section of the app, making it easier for creators to share their content with a wider audience too.

Stories will be marked on user profiles, with a handy frame counter displayed so users can easily see the length of the story.

It has to be said, the current test of the feature looks a little clunky in action, so it’ll be interesting to see if TikTok improve the design over the coming months!


That’s all from us for our top story picks for this week.


Make sure to come back next week for the next instalment of The Week in Socials!

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