The Week in Socials – Social Media News – 14th January 2022

14 January 2022

Welcome to the latest instalment of our weekly social media news series – The Week in Socials.

We’ve hand-picked the most interesting social media news of the week and smooshed them all into one bite sized blog, giving you your Friday socials fix to enjoy with a well-deserved end of the week cuppa.

Instagram plan to allow social media users to re-arrange their grid

In what could be one of the most exciting Instagram updates yet, the platform are now testing a new option to allow their users to re-arrange the images on their profile grid.

Regardless of when each snap was posted, users will be able to organise their feed in whichever way they see fit, providing an interesting opportunity for brands to highlight certain posts at certain times.

We would love to see some more customisation options for feeds and are super excited to see this update in action!

Twitter Testing NFT Profile Display Options

Twitter are looking to capitalise on the rising popularity of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – digital items that can be purchased, with proof of ownership stored on a blockchain digital database than can be publicly accessed.


Buyers have been keen to show off their newly acquired NFTs, and Twitter is testing a new functionality to make that even easier.

Their integrated process will allow NFT owners to display their ownership on their profile, with back-end linkage to each NFTs official blockchain information to prove it isn’t simply a copy and paste job.

LinkedIn look to offer new audio rooms and live events

Over the last 2 years, live virtual events across social media have become the new norm, and many platforms are experimenting with how to integrate live engagement into their day to day operations.

LinkedIn are the latest to test a new range of professional live events, with it’s own Clubhouse-esque style audio events, as well as video events and user live-streams.


LinkedIn feed showing LinkedIn Live rooms

An ideal opportunity to bring professionals from across the globe together in new, intuitive ways when in-person events still seem like a distant memory!


Pinterest improves search results with new ‘profiles’ tab

Social media users on Pinterest will soon have even better options for creator discovery.

The platform are rolling out a new ‘Profiles’ tab within their Pin search screen, allowing used to quickly highlight and follow specific creators.

Pinterest Search Showing User Profiles

The new discovery options will be accessible whether a user is searching for a specific username, topic or product category, helping users discover top creators in each area.

It’s also a brilliant opportunity for creator exposure & discoverability!


Snapchat add a range of new features, including emoji polls and Bitmoji reactions

Snapchat are all about social media interaction, and they’re giving their users even more options for engagement.

The range of new features include Poll Stickers, allowing users to create emoji-focused polls on their snaps and stories, as well as adding Lenses & filters into video calls.

It also includes Bitmoji Reactions, similar to the reaction options we see on other social media apps, but instead using your own Bitmoji, adding a bit of personal flair to your reaction!

The platform is also adding in an option to reply to individual messages within group chats, like we currently see on Messenger or WhatsApp, making it easier to respond quickly to a specific comment.

New snapchat filters and features


That’s all from us for our top story picks for this week.

Make sure to come back next week for the next instalment of The Week in Socials!

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