The Week in Socials – Social Media News – 10th September 2021

10 September 2021

Welcome to the latest instalment of our weekly social media news series – The Week in Socials.

We’ve hand-picked the most interesting social media news of the week and smooshed them all into one bite sized blog, giving you your Friday socials fix to enjoy with a well-deserved end of the week cuppa.

Facebook partner with Ray Ban to unveil $299 social media Smart Glasses

Ever wanted to feel like a spy with your own piece of under-cover equipment? Well, Facebook’s new Smart Glasses option might be right up your street.

Created in partnership with sunglasses giant Ray Ban the $299 glasses, aptly named Ray Ban ‘Stories’, have two cameras built into the frame.

Out and about and see something you need to share with the world? Simply tap a button on the top of the arm of the glasses and you’ll begin recording what you’re seeing.

The glasses feature a dual 5-megapixel camera and advanced stabilisation to help you capture the best possible visuals. There’s also the handy addition of open ear speakers, meaning you can answer a call or listen to your favourite tunes on the go.

Of course, this kind of tech isn’t exactly ground-breaking, with Snapchat releasing their own Spectacles in 2016, and Google Glass hitting the shelves in 2014. Neither of which had particularly broad success.

So, will the stylish new way to share your best snaps catch on? We’ll have to wait and see…

Twitter test new social media feature – Tweet Reactions.

It’s been in the works for a while, but Twitter have finally begun to live test one of their newest engagement features – tweet reactions.

The live test is currently being trialled in Turkey, with some users able to long-press to choose a reaction emote.

In a similar set up to other social media platform reactions, there are 4 emotes to choose from – think, cry, laugh, clap and love.

Total reactions will be shown on each tweet, so users can see how others are reacting to a certain topic. The addition may help Twitter to improve the content they show users, and could be an interesting way for brands to encourage interaction.

Instagram share insights into how to rank for SEO in Search

As part of an ongoing initiative to help users better understand how the elusive Instagram ‘algorithm’ works, Adam Mosseri shared a new blog post to provide yet more insights into the Instagram Search function.

According to Mosseri, these are the top factors Instagram take into account when coming up with search results:

Mosseri also suggested several ways to optimise your account and content, giving you a better chance to appear at the top of the search results.

The platform claim that they are actively working to improve the search function, focusing on inspiration & discovery and a better overall search experience with more personalised content.

Twitter begins live testing of Communities

Another interesting update from Twitter this week, the announcement of a brand new option for sharing content – Communities.

Twitter claim that the new feature is a place to “content with people who Tweet like you.”

In a nutshell, Communities will allow users to share selected tweets with particular groups of users, rather than posting to their wider followers or the platform as a whole.

It’s another step towards creating customisable spaces and reaching specific target audiences who share the same interests. Twitter Communities will be moderated by users, who will also have final say over the Communities rules.

Twitter Communities aren’t private, with wider audiences able to read community discussions and search for Communities content. But it will be a potentially interesting way for brands to cultivate their online communities, reaching like-minded individuals and sparking community related discussions with their followers.

Twitter explores full-width photos and videos

Okay, we know this week has been very Twitter-focused, but the platform has been BUSY this week!

The social media giant are planning to introduce a more visually immersive experience with edge-to-edge visuals on the platform.

Twitter has been testing various layouts of their larger image functionality, with the latest offering allowing users to share full frame images, which feel much smoother within the feed.

Twitter claim that they want to encourage users to have conversations with visuals, rather than just traditional text.

With more and more users preferring to engage with visual updates, we think the move will probably turn out to be a popular one!

That’s all from us for our top story picks for this week.

Make sure to come back next week for the next instalment of The Week in Socials!

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