The 3 Es of great content marketing

22 May 2023

While many are familiar with the four Ps of marketing, price, product, promotion, and placement, it is important that marketers also recognise the three Es and how content marketing should educate, entertain, and engage the audience.

The thesis is that a great piece of content marketing embodies at least one of the Es. Therefore, all great content must at least educate, entertain, or engage. The more Es a piece of content displays, the more likely it is to be engaged with, get shared and make an impact.

Remembering the three Es makes creating shareable, valuable, and relatable content simple. This blog will explain each of the three Es and why they are important.


Educational content is an excellent way to improve brand visibility, authority, and trust. By producing educational content, a brand provides value to an audience by teaching them something new, fixing a problem, or answering a question.

Useful resources can also help drive traffic to a website, generate new leads, and help convert existing leads.

Educational content should be relevant to the target audience, easy to understand, and provide explanations or solutions. When content is educational, it is also more likely to be shared and discussed with a wider audience.


With so much content available to consume on the internet, providing content with the power to stand out over competitors is key. Content that is entertaining is often highly shareable and therefore, a great way to reach new audiences and develop existing connections.

Entertaining content doesn’t always have to be funny. It can also be motivational and interesting among many other things but no matter what, it should always appeal to the reader and spark emotion.

Examples of entertaining content include memes, puzzles, giveaways, personal stories, and infographics. Content that entertains ultimately humanises a brand and adds an interactive element to an online user experience.


Engaging content doesn’t just sell products or services, it also helps build brand awareness, trust, and relationships. Great content entices the reader to take a desired action and engage with the content in a particular way.

A brand can engage the audience by piquing interest and getting readers hooked. Engaging content often includes a call to action, a visual, a list, and an informal tone to encourage readers to consume the content and interact.

Content successful in engaging the audience can increase website traffic, establish expertise, and develop customer relationships.

If you want to benefit from great content that generates leads, connects with the audience, and improves brand awareness, always remember to use the three Es when creating your content marketing plan and strategy.

At M.A.D., we make content that matters. For more information about how we can elevate your content with the three Es, get in touch.

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