How to create great Christmas content

2 November 2022

If you’re wondering how you can transform your social media feed into a winter wonderland, you’re in the right place!

As the big day draws closer, brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes are preparing their Christmas content to celebrate the holidays.

For our top tips on how to create great Christmas content that can help boost your brand awareness and reach new audiences, keep reading.

Why is Christmas content important?

A Christmas content strategy is an important part of every brand’s marketing plan to increase customer engagement, improve brand awareness, and drive traffic to the company website during the festive season.

Holiday marketing strategies help your business remain relevant, stand out among competitors, and stay on your audience’s radar.

It is never too early to begin working on your Christmas content strategy, so whether you’re a small business owner or a social media manager, now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to create great Christmas-themed content.

Tips when creating Christmas content

Use keywords and festive phrases

Christmas content is an exciting opportunity for brands to have fun with their consumers. A festive spruce to your social media can entice new audiences and regain the attention of existing customers.

By using seasonal descriptors and alliteration and rhyme, your content becomes inviting and is likely to appear in searches on Google and conversations on social media.

Christmas keywords and phrases can be identified via applications such as Google Trends, where you can view the data behind each keyword and how popular each term is.

Ramp up the use of keywords as we creep closer to the big day to increase organic search traffic and provide seasonality to your website content.

Be consistent

One of the biggest marketing mistakes when creating seasonal content is that brands are often tempted to create a new tone of voice, house style and manner for the holidays. The content you create is a significant factor when building trustworthy and authentic relationships with consumers and should remain consistent, even at Christmas time.

Feel free to add a festive fun twist to engage readers but your brand and its values should remain recognisable to your audience.

Remember to share your Christmas content via all your active social media channels and adapt it as necessary to perform well across all platforms.

Address the audience

The best content engages the reader by providing them with entertaining, informative, and helpful information. Christmas content is no different and should aim to boost content engagement.

Typically, Christmas content is light-hearted and fun with the potential to capture the reader through emotional hooks that trigger a positive emotional response. By creating content that resonates and emotionally engages the reader, Christmas content can help to build an honest and loyal customer base.

At Christmas time, thousands of brands are competing for their audience’s attention, so speak directly to potential customers by sharing unique Christmas visuals that provide immediate value. Short videos and Christmas infographics are great ways to add an interesting variety to your feed!

Don’t oversell

Christmas is the perfect time for e-commerce sites to push their products and benefit from some extra sales, but it is important that your content educates, entertains and informs the reader as well as influence, impact and persuade them. Pushy content could drive customers away if they feel it provides no value to them.

For other business industries, Christmas is not a time for selling and content should focus on giving back to consumers. Use this time to build and develop trust and strong customer relationships that can be maintained throughout the year.

Remember in most B2B services, executive decision-makers are often absent over the holidays so why not create fun content to connect with prospective clients?

You shouldn’t ignore your everyday marketing rules just because Santa is in town. Keep content valuable to the reader, optimise content for search engines, promote it across all active channels, and remain true to your brand for shining success!

For more expert tips and information about how you can create show-stopping Christmas content, get in touch.

Or for some creative Christmas content ideas, click here.

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