3 Christmas content ideas for social media

14 November 2022

‘Tis the season to start your Christmas marketing and spread Christmas cheer on your festive feed!

This month retail giants including John Lewis and Asda have kicked off the holidays with their annual Christmas campaigns which have definitely got the nation talking.

For you to leave a lasting impression on your audience this festive season, it is important to create and share helpful, relatable, and entertaining Christmas content that captures the reader’s attention.

Whether you’re a one-man band or a multi-person organisation, Christmas content on social media has the potential to drive sales, improve brand awareness, and increase website traffic.

If you’re still searching for some last-minute Christmas content ideas-we’ve got you covered! Here are three Christmas content ideas to spruce up your social media this Christmastide.

Share some fab-yule-ous memes

Funny Christmas-related memes are perfect for sharing on social media to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Everybody loves memes and by taking a popular meme and making it relevant to your brand and season, you’re creating shareable Christmas content that has the potential to go viral.

Make people ho ho ho their Christmas socks off with fun Christmas memes that also promote your brand’s narrative.

A fun and carefree way to connect with your audience, Christmas memes effectively elevate your social media content at a cost-effective price while increasing customer awareness and engagement due to their high shareability.

Create a Christmas wishlist

Given the chance, what would you wish to Santa for? Whether you sell handmade crafts or offer outstanding services, we’re sure you have the perfect present to gift a loved one.

Collate a wish list of your services or products that you think are Santa approved to share with customers via social media.

During the holidays, your audience is likely to become swamped by captivating Christmas content, so to stand out include product images and user-generated content, add links for an easy purchase, and discover your business niche- what can your business offer that your competitors can’t?

Creating a Christmas wish list is a great opportunity to showcase your products and services to your audience enabling a seamless shopping experience.

Be sure to communicate with the reader and deliver a helpful, relevant, and entertaining message for an excellent click-to-sale conversion rate.

Pay attention to key December dates

Christmas Day is only one of the key dates in December alongside National Christmas Lights Day, National Cookie Cutter Day, National Christmas Card day, and many more.

With an abundance of seasonal dates in December, you and your social media content can capitalise on the opportunity.

A seasonal content calendar can help to plan and identify the important December dates for your diary to ensure your brand doesn’t miss the beat.

By incorporating the smaller dates in December into your Christmas content plan, you create a great content niche for your brand.

If a holiday doesn’t resonate with your brand, you shouldn’t force it, but when a natural and genuine connection presents itself, it is a fantastic way to fill your Christmas content calendar.


We hope you find these three Christmas content ideas inspiring but wait, there’s myrrh! Click here to discover three more incredi-bell Christmas content ideas.


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