September: Dates for your diary and content ideas

Diary on a table with a pair of glasses and pencil


Crack out the pumpkin spiced lattes and pull on your cosiest jumper – September is here, ushering in the beginning of spooky season and a need for some extra spooky September content ideas!


Now it has to be said, September isn’t the most exciting month of the year when it comes to important dates or big events. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into what is going on, and it’s the perfect opportunity to start to look ahead to your (dare we say it) Christmas and holiday season content.


We’ve pulled together some of the biggest dates to watch out for in September, and added a few additional September content ideas that you could include in your digital or social media content this month.


September 1st – 5th


5th September – International Day of Charity

If you’re looking to give a little back, there’s no better day to do it than International Charity Day.


You could:

  • Organise a fundraising event
  • Share your favourite charities, or any charity partners you may have
  • If you have any ongoing fundraising events, now is the perfect time to promote them!


Okay, this one is a quiet week.

So why not start to pull together some ideas for the rest of the year. Are there any competitions you want to run around Christmas time? Anything coming up that you want to get people signing up for?


NOW is the time to start to think about posting teasers or little snippets of info about the event. Get people interested before a bigger push later in the year!



September 6th – 12th


6th September – Read a Book Day


Who doesn’t love a good book with a cosy cuppa on a rainy afternoon?


  • Share your favourite books this month
  • Ask your followers for book recommendations, or to share what they are currently reading


12th September – National Day of Encouragement


Who doesn’t love a bit of encouragement? Well, there’s an entire day dedicated to it in September! Why not try:


  • Share an encouraging message for your followers
  • Create a virtual high five and tag other accounts you follow, or clients you’re working with
  • Ask your followers to share their favourite encouraging quotes, or encouraging advice.


September 13th – 19th


September 15-16th – Yom Kippur


A significant holy day in Judaism, Yom Kippur is a great opportunity to wish your Jewish followers or members of your team the best as they observe the traditional holiday.


  • Share a greeting wishing your followers an easy fast on Yom Kippur
  • Ask your followers to share their Yom Kippur stories or reflections
  • Post your reflections of the past year, and hopes for the coming 12 months


September 16th – 100 Days Until Christmas!


While not technically a ‘day’, this is a great opportunity to remind your followers that Christmas is quickly approaching.

If you’re planning on showing off any Christmas offers or on the hunt for sign-ups for a Christmas event, this is the perfect day to do it!


September 20th – 26th

21st – 26th September – Chelsea Flower Show


A key date in the diary for any horticultural enthusiast, the Chelsea Flower Show sees a huge number of fans immersing themselves in the beautiful blooms both in person and online every year.


Some options for social posts might be:


  • Sharing your office/WFH flowers, trees or plants
  • Try a fun post pairing each member of your team with a flower & explain why their characteristics match
  • An in memorial post for all of the office plants you and your team have killed off over the years (it’s fine, we’ve all done it, plants are hard okay).


22nd September – Car Free Day


A good day to get out and take in the fresh air, Car Free Day is a brilliant opportunity to get both internal and external engagement!



  • Having you/your team take pictures of the most interesting thing they’ve come across during their commute or walk to the shop for example. Post these to your socials and have your audience vote for the most interesting/crazy/cute pic.
  • Hold a sponsored walk to raise money for charity and share it with your followers.
  • Share some interesting facts about the impact of cars on the environment, and if you have a pledge or company policy on reducing carbon emissions, make sure to share this too!



September 27th – 30th


30th September – Love People Day


I’m sensing a theme in September. Encouragement, flowers and now love? But hey, who doesn’t LOVE a day dedicated to love, right?


Here are a few ideas for you to try:


  • Show your followers some love! Give a discount or give something away for free to show them how much you love and value them.
  • Show some love to your staff! Post a staff or team appreciation post. Or if you’re your only member of staff, show yourself some love and appreciation!
  • Share some other accounts, companies, clients or partners that you love.


30th September – Podcast Day


Run your own podcast? GREAT! This day is for you. If not, no worries. There are still plenty of ways to take advantage of Podcast Day:


  • Share your podcast! Let your audience know about your latest episodes and encourage them to share their favourite episode or moment
  • Tag or share your own favourite podcasts
  • Ask your audience what podcast topics they’d to see from you, or if you don’t run a podcast, ask your audience if it’s something they’d like to see from you!


Are there any dates we missed, or any other September content ideas you’d like to try this month?

Let us know!


Have a great September from all the team at M.A.D