Why marketing matters more during the pandemic

12 November 2020

It’s a tough time for all of us right now. Things are far from normal as we’re constantly adapting our outlook and lifestyle to keep those around us safe.

And, for businesses, the economic fallout of Covid-19 has presented a unique and unprecedented set of challenges. With various lockdowns, closures and restrictions in place, many businesses have simply been fighting to survive.

With this in mind, marketing might feel like your lowest priority right now. And that’s understandable.

But continuing to market your brand, products and services will play a major role in retaining your customers, building brand value and of course, providing reassurance that you’re very much still in business.

Here are just some of the reasons marketing is more important than ever before during the pandemic:

Staying connected

No one could ever have predicted the challenges that UK businesses would face this year. Now more than ever, it’s vital that businesses recognise the importance of remaining connected with their customers.

From social media activity, through to ensuring that all of your content is up to date, positioning your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds provides reassurance that you’ll still be there when they need you the most.

And it’s not just about pushing your products and services. Show the human side of your business – it’s crucial to open up to your customers, offer them support, and let them know you understand their needs and worries at this strange old time.

Maximise online potential

With so many people staying home, online sales have shot up! In fact, it has been predicted that UK consumers will spend £141.33 billion online this year, up a massive 34.7% from 2019. This will mean that ecommerce will account for more than 30% of the UK’s total retail sales for the first time.

Social media platforms have also experienced a massive boom in engagement during the pandemic.

With this in mind, it’s really important to focus on your online marketing right now – you don’t want to miss out on this growing opportunity.

Keep your customers informed

As well as keeping your customers engaged, it’s also important to keep them informed during this uncertain period. What impact is the virus having on your business? Are you open as usual? Can your customers expect delivery delays?

Your customers will understand that there may be changes to the service they are used to receiving from you. But the key is to keep them informed with regular, clear communication to set their expectations.

Prepare for the future

Things won’t be like this forever. And effective marketing now will help put your business in the best possible position when things go back to some level of normality. Now is the time to be building brand awareness and creating an engaged audience. Remember, in the world of business, if you are out of sight, you are out of mind.

Get in touch today to find out how M.A.D can help you with your marketing strategy through the pandemic. You’ll also find our top tips for marketing your business as lockdown eases here. 

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