What is Christmas marketing?

8 November 2022

…and why is it important for small businesses?

Christmas marketing campaigns communicate messages to an audience to attract customers, boost sales, and improve brand awareness at Christmas time.

During the festive season, it can be tricky to capture your customer’s attention as they become bombarded with a huge amount of magnificent marketing campaigns, so it is important for small business to find their niche and offer consumers a truly unique Christmas experience.

Festive marketing can range from a Christmas countdown to customised packaging and from exclusive offers to merry giveaways.

Successful Christmas marketing and campaigns can have long-term positive effects on your brand and can result in increased sales and profits all year round!

If you’re a small business wondering how you could benefit from meaningful Christmas marketing, keep reading.

What is Christmas marketing?

Christmas marketing aims to help brands and businesses to stand out among competitors, boost sales, and strengthen customer relationships by sharing interesting and entertaining Christmas- related content.

Brands both big and small use Christmas marketing to enhance their customer experience and spread festive cheer loud for all to hear.

Effective Christmas marketing has the potential to increase holiday turnover while improving your brand awareness.

Christmas marketing is especially important for small businesses to promote their brand and their identity. This can be done through Christmas branding, Christmas offers, Christmas competitions, and much more!

Why is Christmas marketing important for small businesses?

To stand out from the retail giants as well as local competitors, small businesses should create magical Christmas marketing campaigns that evoke emotion and connects with the audience for a lasting and positive impression.

Here are four reasons why your small business should consider Christmas marketing:

Improves brand awareness

By creating and promoting Christmas content on social media channels, you allow your brand to be found by new audiences and improve your brand awareness.

Furthermore, audiences can share with friends and family further boosting your brand awareness. Use relevant hashtags, festive keywords, and phrases to increase organic search traffic and content discoverability.  Increases customer base and retention

By boosting your brand awareness, Christmas marketing allows your business to be discovered by new customers.

During the holidays, consumers are continually searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones and by becoming easily identifiable through marketing, new and existing customers are likely to interact with your brand.

Christmas marketing exposes you to a new pool of customers and a wider audience base which can result in increased sales and improved customer retention.

Encourages customer engagement

Connecting with your customers online can be a difficult challenge to navigate but engaged customers are likely to become loyal customers.

Christmas marketing serves as a conversation starter between your brand and your customers. Christmas is a great time to connect with existing, new, and potential customers by providing them with helpful, entertaining, and relevant information.

This interaction can help to grow your business, improve customer experience, and provide valuable customer feedback and insight.

Drives increased traffic to your website

By targeting topics that are being discussed online, your  marketing can drive increased traffic to your company website.

The more people who see and view your site, the more potential customers you can have. Christmas marketing has the potential to attract eligible traffic to your website and convert hits into leads.

Creating a dedicated Christmas landing page is just one great way that you can drive relevant and engaged traffic to your website over the holiday season through festive marketing.


For more information about Christmas marketing or to discuss some dashing Christmas marketing ideas, get in touch!


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