Top tips for marketing your business as lockdown eases

18 August 2020

As lockdown measures in the UK ease, businesses need to carefully consider their marketing messaging and strategy.

The world is a very different place, at least in the short term, and it’s difficult to say how businesses and industries will be affected.

One thing we do know is that ensuring your business is prepared for post-lockdown life is vital, particularly when it comes to marketing. As you would expect, the global pandemic has had a significant effect on brand’s marketing strategies and performance.

Whether your business has thrived during lockdown or things have been more challenging, getting your marketing right now will be the key to survival and success in the post-lockdown world.

Here are our top tips for marketing your business as lockdown eases:

Revise your strategy

While it may be tempting to restart the marketing campaign you had to put on hold during lockdown, that isn’t necessarily the most effective approach. Your customers’ wants, needs, and priorities have changed over the past few months, and you should adapt your strategy in response.

Let people know you’re open for business

Things are a little uncertain right now. It’s important that your customers know you‘re there for them, how your business has changed, and what they can expect from you.

Different businesses are at different levels of re-opening, so don’t just assume your customers know your doors are open again. Spread the word on social media, update your website, and send out an email to your contacts.

Staying active on social media will also help reinforce the fact that you’re back, you’re open, and you’re ready to help.

Show you care

It’s been a tough time for many of us.

We’re all adapting to the unknown and many people are still facing challenges. So let your audience know you care, reassure them that you understand their concerns, and maybe share a few of your own worries and successes.

Socially responsible marketing will be more effective now than ever before meaning showing the human side of your brand has never been more important.

And it’s not just about caring for your customers and community, you also need to demonstrate that you care for your employees. Regularly update your customers with the steps you’re taking – it’s a great idea to share photos of how you’ve adopted your office or working environment to be Covid-19 safe.

Be prepared to react quickly

As much as we might like them to, things aren’t going back to the old version of ‘normal’ any time soon. So your content and social media posts shouldn’t either. While it’s fine to focus on your business and sell your services, you also need to be reactive to any changes in guidelines, as well as the general mood of the public.

Social listening and timing are more important than ever – the last thing you need is to miss an important announcement or schedule a post weeks in advance only for things to change and your content to come across as totally tone deaf…or worse, offensive!

So stay aware and be prepared to edit or abandon content at the last minute if needed.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with more and more people buying online. With people cooped up at home and shops closed, many people headed online to buy treats and essentials (we’re definitely on first name terms with our delivery drivers now!).

While this has naturally varied from industry to industry, a key takeaway is that devoting budget and resources to ecommerce is the best way to stay relevant, operational, and even grow in uncertain circumstances.

Although lockdown is easing and buyers are able to get back into the real world and shop offline, it’s unlikely this trend will change significantly anytime soon.

The bottom line?

If you can sell your products or services online, now is the time to focus on that side of your business.

Give your website an overhaul

With online activity taking on a central role, it’s a great time to give it and overhaul! That doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new website (although if your site is outdated it’s definitely something to consider!), but at the very least, make sure the content really speaks to your audience and is optimised for SEO to give you the best chance of being found.

If you’ve recently ventured into the world of ecommerce, for example, engaging product descriptions and high quality product images are essential!

Review your paid advertising

The cost of paid social media ads has changed since lockdown, with the demand for paid ads falling on platforms including Facebook.

With this is mind, it’s important to review the costs and results of your paid advertising. Platforms that may not have worked for you before lockdown may now be a more cost effective alternative. It’s also a great time to trial new adverts across different platforms to help your figure out where to advertise to achieve the best results.

Whether you’d like a full review of your marketing strategy, or for help with elements such as social media, content writing, or key messaging, we can help! Get in touch!

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