Top 5 Marketing Podcasts

3 July 2023

Podcasts are powerful marketing tools that allow marketers and industry experts to share their expertise, reach new audiences, and build brand awareness.

There are also many perks to listening to a marketing podcast. Marketing podcasts are typically free to stream, packed with marketing tips and tricks, and a great way to keep up with industry news.

Podcasts are a cost-effective way of accessing valuable industry insights, new ideas, and advice, from experts in your field. But above all else, podcasts are a fun way of learning!

Here are our top five marketing podcasts you can listen to, and learn from, for free.

The Girls in Marketing Podcast by Girls in Marketing

Every Wednesday, the Girls in Marketing Podcast drops a brand new episode featuring industry-leading expert guests ranging from marketing specialists to PR strategists. This podcast is dedicated to speaking about Girls in Marketing and providing tips, tricks, and advice to help listeners break into the marketing world.

Covering everything from the latest marketing trends to how to start a career in marketing, The Girls in Marketing Podcast leaves no stone unturned.

Get digital marketing news and advice from marketing professionals now by listening on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Marketing Meetup Podcast by The Marketing Meetup

Made by marketers for marketers, the Marketing Meetup Podcast aims to teach and inspire with live talk recordings, interviews, and discussions with industry-leading experts.

From building an engaged community with Sophie Miller, founder of Pretty Little Marketer, to creating a marketing strategy with Joe, co-founder of The Marketing Meetup himself, this podcast covers all aspects of marketing.

Listen today via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Mediaworks Digital Masterclass by Mediaworks

The Mediaworks Digital Masterclass podcast by Mediaworks helps you stay updated with the latest industry developments, trends, and topics. This podcast covers all things marketing and is filled with expert advice, guidance, and insight.

Previous discussion topics on the Mediaworks Digital Masterclass podcast include ‘The AI revolution: Unveiling the future of SEO with generative AI’ and ‘How reactive PR can aid your SEO strategy’.

You can listen to the Mediaworks Digital Masterclass podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Business Anchors by Dan and Lloyd Knowlton

Led by Dan and Lloyd Knowlton, founders of Knowlton Marketing, the Business Anchors podcast makes business and marketing fun. Just two brothers chatting about business trends, growth, and marketing, the Business Anchors podcast is light-hearted yet packed with value.

Episode topics so far include, ‘seven ways marketers can stay ahead of the curve’, ‘mind-blowing marketing lessons for success’, and ‘how to improve marketing results’.

Listen for yourself via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The Marketing Millennials by Daniel Murray

An unfiltered marketing podcast hosted by Daniel Murray, The Marketing Millennials hears from top marketers and their stories. Providing listeners with actionable insights, proven tips, and expert tricks, this podcast cuts the 💩 and gets straight to it.

Whether you wish to build a profitable newsletter or master TikTok, Daniel and his guests will surely cover it. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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