The Week in Socials – Social Media News – 11th June 2021

11 June 2021

Welcome to the first instalment of our brand-new weekly blog series – The Week in Socials! We’ve hand-picked the most interesting and industry relevant titbits of the week and smooshed them all into one bite-sized blog, giving you your Friday social media news fix to enjoy with a well-deserved end of the week cuppa.

TikTok Targets SMBs with ‘Behind the Business’ Series

In what is quickly becoming a staple for many businesses’ social media repertoires, TikTok is taking steps to encourage more SMBs to utilise the platform within their digital marketing strategies.

Embarking on the second part of their ‘Behind the Business’ series, the platform has introduced a number of informational videos, looking in depth at how smaller business owners can use TikTok to boost connections with their audience, and increase their market presence.

The first part of the educational series focused more on tips and tricks, creating videos and had a more general ‘how to’ feel.

We couldn’t resist signing ourselves up, so make sure to follow us for loads of behind-the-scenes content, and a boat load of marketing and PR tips and tricks.

Instagram Sheds Light on How the Elusive Algorithm Really Works

We all know ‘the algorithm’ can seem like a terrifying entity that governs whether our expertly crafted content even gets a look in on our audience’s home page. But Instagram have attempted to unmask some of the mystery behind how the algorithm works as part of their Creator Week event.

The article looks at what the algorithm actually is, how they rank feed and story posts, the truth behind “shadowbanning” and how you can influence what appears on your feed.

Some very interesting and helpful pointers to factor into your Instagram planning!

Twitter begins rollout of ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service

Are you one of the overwhelming majority of us who have been begging for an edit button on Twitter, since what feels like the dawn on time? Well, keep on begging, because even a paid subscription won’t give you the power to change that irritating spelling error.

It will, however, give you the option to undo your tweet up to 30 seconds after publishing, as well as group your tweets under “Bookmark Folders”, and enable “Reader Mode” which allows readers to consume your content in an easier to digest way.

Twitter Blue is currently only available in Australia and Canada, and we’ll be watching closely to see how both users and other social media platforms react to the new service.

Facebook facing competition probe

Competition watchdogs in both the UK and EU are currently investigating whether Facebook is abusing its industry position to gain an unfair advantage over the promotion of dating and classifieds competitors on the platform.

The two separate investigations have agreed to work closely together, implying that Facebook currently uses its knowledge of user activity on other sites, to target users with advertising that promotes its own Facebook Dating and Marketplace services to gain an advantage over rival dating and classifieds organisations.

The investigation signifies an important shift in how competition authorities police activity within Facebook, and other social media platforms, and might be the beginning of a new wave of tougher policies.

Pinterest introduces new ways to shop and sell on the platform

Pinterest looks to be reshaping how users interact with brands on the site by introducing a bunch of new shopping features, making it a much easier process to buy and sell products directly from the platform.

The new “Shopping List” feature acts as one big shopping cart, where users can view all the product pins they’ve saved while scrolling.

The addition of a “Shop” tab allows users to search for ideas that only display shoppable products.

For those looking to sell on the platform, companies can acquire the sought-after blue checkmark through the Verified Marchant Program, allowing them to create their own virtual shopfront within their profile.

That’s all from us for our top social media news story picks for this week! Make sure to come back next week for the next instalment of The Week in Socials! 

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