The impact of AI on social media

29 April 2024

The impact of AI on social media | 4-minute read

Businesses nationwide are experimenting with AI technology, including AI tools such as ChatGPT and Gemini (Google AI), to streamline and improve their operations and customer service.

With AI tools becoming increasingly accessible, its integration throughout various business operations is on the rise. Already, brands, businesses, and marketers are leveraging Ai to elevate their social media presence. But what’s the true impact, and what are the ethical considerations we should keep in mind?

This blog will explore the current landscape of AI in social media and address both its benefits and ethical implications. Drawing insight from a recent webinar with Nicole Mezzasalma, Senior Consultant at Battenhall, we’ll also look at the evolving trends and AI tools shaping the future of social media marketing.

AI in social media today

AI is already embedded within social media platforms. For example, LinkedIn utilises Ai across a variety of functions including automated recruitment tools, collaborative articles, and profile building. Similarly, Facebook and Instagram have used AI in their platforms to assist with targeted advertising and personalised content recommendations.

Additionally, marketers and social media managers are experimenting with generative AI technologies, like ChatGPT and image generators. These tools can revolutionise content creation, streamline workflows, and enhance creativity by generating text and images in response to specific prompts.

As AI continues to evolve, we can only expect that its role in social media will become more prominent and continue to shape the way brands connect with their audience.

The ethical concerns

The ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI in social media include privacy, transparency, accountability, misinformation, bias, and copyright issues.

Generative AI systems are only as good as the data they are trained on. Therefore, the accuracy and reliability of information provided may vary depending on the quality and diversity of training data. At the current stage, it is recommended to verify AI generated outputs with multiple sources to ensure its validity and relevance.

Transparency and accountability are also area of concern regarding the use of AI in social media. Some users remain skeptical about AI, leading people to question the origin and authenticity of the content they encounter.

Some believe that organisations should disclose when they have used AI, just like influencers must tag paid and sponsored content. However, others think it is unnecessary, especially when the content closely resembles human-generated content.

To address these ethical concerns, tech companies, policymakers, and researchers must collaborate to develop clear framework and ethical guidelines for AI development and usage.

Future trends

AI is expected to keep evolving and growing in adoption. Future trends suggest we will see more advanced AI integration in areas such as content repurposing, data analysis, and customer service. The evolution of AI has the potential to transform how businesses operate and engage with their audiences to drive efficiency, innovation, and engagement on social media.

AI tools for marketers

Some helpful AI and resources for marketers and social media managers, as provided by Nicole Mezzasalma, include:

Best practices

While it may not be mandatory at the moment, it’s recommended you be transparent about how you are using AI. Setting up guidelines for your marketing team and staying updated with new AI tech can help make sure you’re using AI responsibly and keeping up with any changes regarding compliance.

At M.A.D, we leverage AI strategically and believe artificial intelligence is a tool, not a replacement for our personalised and bespoke social media, marketing, PR, and content writing services.

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