Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019

6 January 2019

The world of social media is constantly changing and evolving, with new social media trends and concepts emerging each year.

If you want to give your brand the best possible chance of making an impact online, it’s important to be aware of current and emerging trends. It’s also important to understand how you can integrate them into your strategy.

Here are some of the social media trends that are set to make their mark in 2019…

Video content

Video content is nothing new. Each year, it continues to play an increasingly central role in social media marketing. And 2019 is set to be no different, with video content once again dominating the marketplace. In fact, according to many experts, 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content.

Live videos, such as Facebook live and Instagram stories in particular are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a meaningful and authentic insight into the lives of brands and individuals, while boosting trust and relevance.

Vertical Video

Vertical video in particular is predicted to take the spotlight in 2019.

Video content has traditionally been shot horizontally. But with more and more of us consuming content on our smart phones, it’s perhaps not surprising that vertical video content is becoming increasingly popular.

With people holding their phones vertically 94% of the time and viewing social media on a mobile device 70% of the time, it’s perhaps not surprising that all of the big social platforms are embracing vertical video.


Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the growth of social media influencers across various different platforms.

With millions of followers watching their every move, each post or status they share has the potential to be instantly seen by millions or people. And, what’s more, they actually work! With 40% of Twitter users stating that they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer and 74% of consumers stating that they rely on social platforms to inform their purchases.

However, as the popularity of using social media influencers increases, so too does the cost of partnering with them to promote brands or products. This has lead more and more companies to look to micro-influencers as a more cost effective alternative.

Micro-influencers typically have less than 10,000 followers, a far cry from the millions promised by leading influencers. However the vast majority of these followers are fully engaged and are genuinely interested in what the influencer has to say.

What’s more, micro-influencers are also seen as more trustworthy.

It’s important that you are only reaching out to the right influencers for your brand and your audience. There are plenty of tools available to help you do this.

Quality over quantity

To really make an impact, brands need to show purpose, passion, and creativity. 2019 will be about creating thoughtful, well-positioned social content rather than bucket loads of uninspiring, dull, or shallow posts.

Real time marketing

Social media is a 24/7 platform. Customers discuss, debate, query, and compliment your brand, products and services. Every hour of every day.

With this in mind, real time communication will play a vital role in social media marketing strategies in 2019. Companies need to be constantly searching for mentions, scheduling content to be posted at any point, and utilising Chatbots to offer an immediate response.

Failing to embrace real time communications means you will likely miss out on a whole host of opportunities to engage with your target audience and promote your brand.

Social listening

Social listening is closely linked to real time marketing. It’s all about searching the web and social media platforms to find any mentions of your brand or any relevant keywords. This includes untagged brand mentions and industry keywords that could signify the interest to buy a product or service and mentions on blogs and news sites.

Currently, the primary goals of social listening are customer service and reputation management. Only a few brands embrace the tactic for lead generation and social selling, but that’s all set to change.

Maybe your social media platforms could benefit from a total overhaul in 2019. Or maybe you’re looking to take the first steps to developing a comprehensive social media marketing plan. Get in touch!

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