Social Media Round-Up

11 August 2023

So much has happened in the world of social media in the last few weeks, and it’s time we spoke about it.

Last month, Meta launched Threads, Twitter’s, or should we say X’s rival app, which quickly became all the rage before quickly dying back down. The hype may have diminished, but Threads continues to roll out exciting new updates (more on that later).

And it would be rude to just glaze over the fact that Twitter has entered its teenage rebellion era and is now calling itself X. #ByeByeBirdie.

Even LinkedIn has got in on the action this month by introducing new ways for job seekers to highlight key skills (again, more on that later).

There really is a lot to get through this week, so, kick back and relax while we get you up to speed with the latest social media news.

Threads add a new feature

Threads seems to have gone awfully quiet since its launch in July but behind the scenes, the Meta team is hard at work rolling out new updates, hoping to capitalise on early interest.

This week, the app has added a new ‘Share on Instagram’ feature that enables users to share their threads directly to IG DMs. Before this, there wasn’t much to do on the app other than write and contribute to existing Threads, so this goes a long way in improving collaboration and engagement.

Additionally, users can now easily mention accounts in Threads by clicking the ‘Mention’ button displayed on profiles. This seems slightly unnecessary as users can already mention other accounts by typing @ and finding the relevant handle, but we believe this is n hope of maximising mentions and further driving engagement.

TikTok requires users to label AI generated content

You’ve probably heard the news by now, AI is on the rise. That means that AI generated content is also on the up. And TikTok is the latest app to launch new rules regarding disclosure of AI generated content.

The app is informing users that they are required to tag AI generated content in the app or risk having it removed. This is assumed to be in an attempt to combat AI deep fakes and Ai generated content featuring ‘realistic scenes’.

As AI becomes more accessible, users will of course be confronted with an influx of AI generated content on their feeds. Not all of it is as easy to spot as you may think, so it is important social media platforms begin to crack down on the rules.

Twitter rebrands as X

So just in case you don’t know, Twitter has rebranded as ‘X’. The name of the app is not all that’s changed though, the infamous bird logo is no more and has been replaced by, you guessed it, an X symbol. Although this is an interim logo, so we can expect more changes in the future.

Dressed in all black, X is almost unrecognisable as its former known self, leaving some users confused and concerned.

X recently tweeted (it’s still called that right?), ‘the vision for X has been unfolding over the last 9 months- and there is so much more on the horizon.’. So for now we will just have sit and wait to see what other big plans they have coming next.

LinkedIn introduces new ways to highlight key skills

LinkedIn’s latest update helps job seekers highlight their key and professional skills by introducing new features into the app. Now, users can tag their top five skills to the ‘about’ section of their profile. By being displayed at the top the profile, skills are easier for visitors to notice.

Users can also now enrich the ‘projects’ section on profiles by tagging projects with skills to showcases experience. This is another great way of allowing visitors to grasp suitability for a job and pinpoint specific skill sets.

Although they may seem small, these changes are likely to be important for job seekers.

And that completes this week’s social media round up. What do you think about the new social media updates? Did we miss anything? Let us know!



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