Pinterest Trends for 2023

26 January 2023

Pinterest is the place people go for inspiration. It is a positive place on the interest where users and brands can plan for the future, but in order for them to do so, Pinterest has to know what is coming next.

To learn more about this underrated social platform, its key predictions, and how brands can utilise Pinterest in marketing, we attended the Pinterest Predicts 2023 trend forecast webinar.

For the last three years, 80 per cent of Pinterest predictions came true, so it’s worth sticking around to find out what they predict will be the top trends in 2023 and how they recommend you capitalise on the opportunity.

So, if you’re wondering how Pinterest can elevate your brand, where you can see the newest trends first, and how you can use Pinterest marketing, keep reading.

Airy Styles

The first emerging trend Pinterest predicts for 2023 is ‘airy styles’, and we must give credit where credit is due for the fabulous wordplay.

After two years of athleisure, stay-at-home comfies, and loungewear, search data shows Gen Z and Millennials are ready to start shopping sheer. All things ruffle, lace, and shimmer are set to steal the runway this year in an attempt to challenge gender norms.

Pinterest recommends:

If you’re a fashion brand:

“Rethink style beyond gender norms. Share ways to rock ruffles, lace, and tulle and illustrate how ethereal looks can fit into any wardrobe.”

If you’re a beauty brand:

“Tap into shimmering beauty looks for all. Show convertible colours, shiny makeup tutorials, and multi-functional hair accessories that can be used creatively.”

If you’re a home brand:

“Present video assets featuring expressive home accessories like tulle pillows and multi-fabric furniture- or unveil shimmery table setting that blur gender lines.”

Romcom Core

Inspired by the desire for ‘main character energy’, Gen Z and Millennials drive this trend as they strive to turn everyday tasks into a scene from their favourite rom-com movie.

This trend leads from the Y2K trend that emerged last year and will see wardrobes romanticised with slip dresses, rhinestones, and noughties style.

Pinterest recommends:

If you’re a fashion brand:

“Build the ultimate romcom core look. Feature a Carousel or Pin Extension to mix and match clothing for a night out- or that classic makeover montage.”

If you’re an entertainment brand:

“Spotlight the signature styles from quintessential 2000s romcom films. Remind every generation that these style icons walked so that modern looks could run.”

If you’re a food and beverage brand:

“Bring back bites and bevs from the 2000s era. Let nostalgia take hold while introducing old faves to a new generation of snackers.”

Hipstoric Home

This year Gen X and Baby Boomers are predicted to find unique ways to style their vintage finds with today’s modern style.

Vintage accents and family antiques are likely to creep into spaces for a nostalgic look. Search volume for ‘electric interior design vintage’ is up 850 per cent and ‘mixing modern and antique furniture’ is up 530 per cent so there’s plenty of opportunity for brands to make the most of this evolving trend.

Pinterest recommends:

If you’re a home brand:

“Celebrate the creative side of home improvement. Give a tutorial on how to build a personal gallery space to show off eclectic wall accents.”

If you’re a hobbies and interests brand:

“Share DIY spotlights and tutorials on how to give home accents a lived-in look to achieve those maximalist-décor dreams.”

If you’re a financial services brand:

“Connect with new homeowners and decorators to provide guidance around protecting their newly-found investment pieces.”

The YOLO Years

Get ready to see Gen X and Baby Boomers go big in 2023 with elaborate celebrations for everything from 50th wedding anniversaries to 100th birthdays.

Years of restrictions see the older generations desperate the celebrate all of life’s wins with ‘golden anniversary party’, ‘100th birthday party ideas’, and ‘50th-anniversary cookies decorated’ all up in search when compared year on year.

Pinterest recommends:

If you’re a celebrations brand:

“Bashes are back. From party décor to playlists, share creative ways to celebrate anniversary and birthday milestones.”

If you’re a food and beverage brand:

“Highlight both classic and modern drinks and dishes. From the top drinks of every decade to new classics, every soiree should have a mouth-watering hit.”

If you’re a beauty brand:

“Feature party-ready looks for any age. Include models at different age ranges to introduce a wider audience to new techniques.”

Pool Pawties

Last year it was ‘Barkitecture’ this year it’s predicted to be pool pawties- get it, a pool party for your pooch. Gen Z and Millennials, along with ‘pet parents’ drive this trend with a heightened focus on celebrating their beloved companion.

An increase in searches for ‘DIY dog pool’, ‘dog birthday party ideas decoration’, and ‘dog party favors’ are just some of the searches proving this prediction to be true.

Pinterest recommends:

If you’re a celebrations brand:

“Create an Idea ad that shows how to tie balloons together in the shape of a dog bone, or give ideas on what to put inside a pawty favor grab bag.”

If you’re a fashion brand:

“Entice people to show up in style. Provide tips for matching their pet or finding the purrfect print to complement their pet’s collar.”

If you’re a food brand:

“Offer menus that keep your furry friends in mind. Setting up a dessert table for the humans? Make one for the pups, filled with pupcups and pupcakes.”

Free Spirits

According to research at Pinterest, a growing amount of Gen Z and Millenials are drinking less and when they do drink, are doing it on their own terms.

Whether it’s due to hangover hatred or an increase of low ABV alternatives, users are increasingly searching for ‘fancy non alcoholic drinks’ and ‘mocktail bars’ which indicates a modern mixology culture.

Pinterest recommends:

If you’re a beverage brand:

“Create a ‘this or that’ series that lets people choose their preferred drinks. Level up the content by leaning into seasonal flavours to make it extra relevant.”

If you’re a beauty brand:

“Highlight the benefits of life with or without alcohol. Better skin? A little wind-down time? Weighing the pros and cons of each can help everyone make the decisions that are right for them.”

If you’re a financial services brand:

“Promote tools to help people track how much they’ve saved by cutting down (or cutting out) their drinking habits.”

How to own a trend

Brands and businesses can own a trend on Pinterest in a variety of different ways. Share videos, idea ads, collections, static pins, and carousels to build brand awareness and drive interactions.

When a trend aligns with your brand capitalise on the opportunity and position your brand alongside an upcoming trend. By doing so, you will remain true to your brand and become relevant to shoppers.

To take a closer look at the emerging trends Pinterest has identified for 2023, click here, or if you need a hand to nail your Pinterest marketing strategy, get in touch.

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