M.A.D at Home : Beth

27 March 2020

Name: Beth
Job Title: Communications Co-Ordinator
Self-Isolation:  Day 9

It’s week two of working from home and I’m pleased to say productivity levels are high, deadlines are being met and clients are happy. The world is certainly a scary place right now, but I’m keeping my spirits high, staying home and working hard. And I must admit, the extra half hour in bed each morning is a real treat!

M.A.D Communications took the decision to begin WFH last week due to government advice, and since it was for the foreseeable, I’ve been able to bring my iMac home. I should give a special mention to my boss, Amy, as she kindly delivered it to my door along with some McVitie’s Gold Bars and fizzy strawberry laces (my favourite treats in times of need).

As a team, we have an online calendar with the jobs that need to be completed each day and I also keep a personal diary to add extra notes and reminders. My daily routine so far has been to look over the diary with my morning coffee at around 8am whilst I catch up with what’s happening in the world. Then by 9am, I’m ready to focus and get started for the day.

My current home set up as you can see from the picture is at our family dining table. I was feeling kind and allowed my partner, who is also WFH, to have the desk, meaning I’m stuck sitting on a plastic chair for my 8-hour shift, but it is what it is. I’ll appreciate my twirly, padded office seat even more once we’re back at M.A.D HQ.

The way in which I work hasn’t changed much at all. Most of our client communication is done via email and phone calls, so everything is running as normal (apart from the fact I’m wearing joggers and slippers). Towards the end of the day at 4pm, we have a video chat to discuss any M.A.Dmin before I round off my day at 5.

This quarantine situation feels very odd, but I’m extremely grateful that we’re still able to work as a team from the safety of our own homes. My heart really does go out to those who are finding life difficult right now. Sending love to you all.



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