Last Week in Socials- Social Media News

16 January 2023

That’s right, a spin-off from our series The Week in Socials, brand new Last Week on Socials brings you the social media updates and news you may have missed from the previous week! “A blast from the past”, we hear you shout!

We’ve picked out the most interesting announcements and the key social media news we think you should know from last week. So, if you missed it, keep reading for a bite-sized round-up.

Twitter to publish tweet recommendation code and make account status visible

On Friday, Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, tweeted, “Twitter will publish tweet recommendations code and make account/ tweet status visible no later than next month. Transparency builds trust.”

With transparency updates, Musk believes an increase of trust can be built via the app and that what you are shown on Twitter becomes a truth worth believing.

In May, Musk also spoke about the importance of transparency online, saying in a tweet, “Algorithms must be an open source, with any human intervention clearly identified. Then, trust will be deserved.”

Furthermore, in December Elon Musk announced Twitter was working on software to combat shadow-banned content.

For users, brands, and businesses, the latest transparency update means they will be able to see any restrictions imposed on their accounts and how they can be removed.  Currently, accounts that break Twitter rules are hidden from discussions and threads without the account user being notified.

This update hopes to improve user experience on the app and strives for the trust of the platform’s users.

Instagram’s navigation is changing

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced Instagram would be changing its navigation to make it easier for users to share and connect with friends and interests which will launch in February.

This update will see the ‘create’ tab brought to the centre of the bottom navigation bar. To cater for the change, Instagram is removing the Instagram shop tab. However, brands and businesses should not fear. You can still set up and run a shop via Instagram as the online shopping experience continues across the feed, reels, stories, and ads.

In a short video posted to the platform, Mosseri said, “We are trying to bring people together over what they love. To do that, we are focused on three things; inspiring people to express themselves, helping people discover what they love, and sparking connections between people over what they find.”


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TikTok to host public votes for The Brits 2023

On Friday 13th, TikTok announced the return of the TikTok-powered public vote for the four genre categories at The Brit Awards 2023 with Mastercard.

In a post to their newsroom, the platform said, “Fans across the world have the chance to vote to determine the winners of the four awards.

“A dedicated TikTok voting hub will launch at midday on 19th January and close at midnight GMT on 2nd February. The TikTok community will be able to cast up to ten votes per category.”

This is the second continuous year that The Brits public vote has been placed in the TikTok community’s hands. To cast a vote, users should download the TikTok app from their app store.

This announcement highlights the relevance and influence of TikTok in today’s social media world.

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