June Marketing Dates and Content Ideas

24 May 2024

June Marketing Dates and Content Ideas | 2-minute read

As we journey into June, we’re ready to embrace the good vibes, the lighter evenings, and of course, the summer sunshine that is well on its way.

In addition to the warm weather, the month of June also brings us plenty of marketing and content opportunities with some great dates and events to celebrate.

Here is a list of key marketing dates to enhance your marketing strategy throughout the month of June.

Throughout June:

Pride Month

10th-16th June: Bike Week/ Child Safety Week

10th-14th June: Healthy Eating Week

1st -7th June:

1st June: World Milk Day / Global Day of Parents

3rd June: World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day is a day to advocate for and celebrate the humble bicycle. Since 2018, people around the globe have recognised the longevity, versatility, and sustainability that a bicycle has to offer on this day.

To join in the celebration, you can:

5th June: Sausage Roll Day / World Environment Day

8th -17th June:

8th June: World Ocean Day

An event organised by The Ocean Project to raise awareness of the oceans and the creatures living in them. On this day, we celebrate the fish, birds, animals, and plants that call the ocean home and consider how we can reduce the amount of waste that goes into the seas.

If you would like to celebrate World Ocean Day, you could:

10th June: Worldwide Knit in Public Day

15th June: The King’s Official Birthday

16th June: Father’s Day

16th -20th June: Eid ul-Adha (Expected)

18th-24th June:

19th June: National Writing Day

One of our favourite national days, although we may be a little bias, National Writing Day is a day that celebrates the pleasure and power of writing. On this day, everyone is encouraged to find their unique creative voice and writing style.

To take part, you can:

19th June: World Refill Day

21st June: Make Music Day/ World Giraffe Day

23rd June: International Women in Engineering Day

25th– 30th June:

24th June:National Take Back The Lunch Break Day

26th June: National Barcode Day

26th June: National Beauticians Day

Use these dates to create captivating content and fill up your content calendar for June! Need a hand, get in touch with us today.

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