July Marketing Dates and Content Ideas

28 June 2023

Summer is in full swing (as are those pesky summer storms), but if there’s one thing that shouldn’t put a dampener on your July, it’s content!

July is packed with plenty of marketing and content opportunities with some great dates and events to celebrate.

Here is a list of key marketing dates to enhance your marketing strategy throughout the month of July.

Throughout July:

National Ice Cream Month

1st – 23rd July – Tour de France

3rd – 16th July – Wimbledon

7th – 9th July – British Grand Prix, F1

1st -7th July:

2nd July: World UFO Day

2nd July: Thank You Day

Who doesn’t love a wholesome day to add to their content calendar?

2nd July marks the UKs 3rd annual Thank You Day – “Over the past two years, 15 million people have taken part in this chance to say thank you for everyone and everything that makes our communities great places to live”

Here are some ideas of how you can get involved:

4th July: American Independence Day

3rd July: Wimbledon begins

Pour the pimms and dust off your finest backhand, it’s time for Wimbledon!

Try some of these sporting ideas on for size:

7th July: British Grand Prix, F1 begins

7th July: World Chocolate Day

8th -17th July:

15th: National Give Something Away Day

Everyone loves something for nothing – so why not celebrate that with National Give Something Away day!

Here are some ideas:

18th: Islamic New Year


18th-24th July:

24th: School Holidays begin (differs by school)

School’s out for summer! Why not get parents involved in your comms:


25th-31st July:

26th: National All Or Nothing Day

30th: International Friendship Day

Awww another wholesome one this month – this time for the friends!

Here are some ideas to include Friendship Day into your content calendar:

  • Ask your audience to nominate a friend, and randomly choose a tagged person to win a prize of some kind
  • Share and celebrate your office friendships
  • Tag or shout out any businesses or clients you work closely with (or that you’d consider a business bestie).

31st: National Avocado Day


Use these marketing dates to create captivating content and fill up your content calendar for July!

Need a hand to fill out the rest of that calendar?

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