How to use awareness days on social media

11 March 2019

When planning and scheduling social media posts for your business, it’s important to be interesting, relevant and informative.

No matter what platform you’re using, you should mix up the content you post to avoid a stream of business-focused posts that are sales heavy.

Of course, you want to create leads and promote your business, but by finding that balance, you will also build brand awareness and likability.

There are many different types of post you can use to break up the mundanity of sales messages, including team photos, motivational quotes, blog posts, designs and video. Another post type to take advantage of is recognising awareness days.

What are awareness days?

National or international awareness days are dates that have been set by either an organisation, business or government to highlight a particular cause.

There is practically an awareness day for everything you can think of and some are just set up for fun.

For example, they can range from those recognising particular health conditions, to more trivial and fun days that celebrate types of food.

Why should I use awareness days for social media content?

Awareness days aren’t always relevant to your business, however, many can be used to highlight a key message or just simply used to share some light-hearted fun.

They can be used to show what you support as a business and also to reflect the personality of your team.

If you do choose to support a particular day, it’s a great idea to post within the style of your usual posts, so people will recognise your brand whether that be through a design, photography style or office environment.

Usually, these days have an appropriate hashtag that you can use within your caption. This will make your post available to a wider audience, increasing the likelihood of searchability, engagement, and brand awareness.


In general, awareness days keep the same date every year. Here are some examples your business could utilise:

If you want to discuss how you can take advantage of awareness days or find out more about the social media services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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