How to: Go live on Instagram

6 August 2020

Since it was launched in 2010, Instagram has gone from strength to strength, earning its place as one of the top social media platforms

And it’s not just for bloggers, food photos, and cute animals. More and more businesses are embracing the power of Instagram and recognising its potential as a powerful, dynamic marketing tool.

With the introduction of features such as stories, highlights, and ads, the platform has continued to evolve, offering brands more opportunities than ever before to maximise their visibility and engage with their audience. And the platform’s live video functionality is one of them.

What is Instagram live?

Instagram live is a video option that allows you to share content in real time.

When you start a live video, your followers will receive a notification that you’re live, any viewers will also be able to comment on the live video using the built-in chat feature.

Live video should be used sparingly to showcase exciting, real-time content or engaging moments like Q&As, behind the scenes content, or reveals.

Why are live videos so popular on Instagram?

Recent research has revealed that 82% of people prefer live video to standard video posts. Whether you use this functionality to sell your product or service through engaging video content or you host live Q & As, stream virtual events, or host live product tutorials, now is the perfect time to go live on instagram!

How to go live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram is relatively straight forward. But it’s important you get it right – after all, there’s less room for error with live content.

Go live by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Open your Instagram app on your phone, and click the camera icon in the top left corner. You can’t miss it!

Step 2

Head down to the bottom of the screen and scroll all the way to the left until you see “Live”.  Now simply click on the big white circle to begin recording.

Step 3

Once you’re live, you should start to see accounts appearing

at the bottom of your screen. This is how you will know that your followers are engaging with your live video. Be sure to give them a wave or a mention!

Step 4

If at any point you want to end the video, simply click “End” at the top right of your screen. Instagram will double check whether or not you definitely want to end the live video.

Step 5

Finally, you can share your live video to your IGTV, so followers can watch the video on your Instagram account once the live has ended.

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