How to create excellent TikTok content

5 June 2023

TikTok is challenging marketers and businesses to think and operate in new and different ways. To find out how you can create excellent TikTok content for your business, keep reading.

Video content is more important than ever before and can be a powerful and persuasive marketing tool. Social media apps like TikTok, are driving this trend further and proving how important video can be for your brand.

With a focus on user-generated, authentic content, TikTok is forcing marketers and business owners to think differently and create video content that resonates with app users and performs in the app.

With millions of users and videos uploaded to the app each day, it is important to create great TikTok content to stand out and reach your target audience.

This blog will mention our top tips and advice on how you can create excellent TikTok content that will boost brand and audience engagement.

Use a business account

Before you even consider filming your TikTok content, you should ensure your business is operating from a business TikTok account. A TikTok business account is free to make and create and allows you to access a range of advanced tools and features.

With a business account, your brand or business can drive online sales with access to TikTok Shop, raise brand awareness by running paid ads, and build a community by analysing long-term data and engagement insights.

By accessing powerful analytical data, guides, insights, and royalty-free music, TikTok business accounts provide a full scope of marketing tools to build a strong marketing strategy.

These benefits are only available when you sign up for a business account on TikTok. Any business operating from a personal user account will not be able to access these sophisticated tools designed for marketers and businesses.

If your business is currently operating from a personal account, you can simply switch to a business account today.

Use high-quality mobile video

When creating video content for TikTok, for best results use a smartphone with a high-quality camera rather than hiring professional camera equipment. Mobile camera footage is not only cost-effective, saving you money on production, but also enhances the user-generated vibe and video style that is popular on the platform.

Video filmed on a smartphone is quick to edit and share which saves you an immense amount of production time. Modern mobiles with advanced camera and smartphone features do not compromise audio or video quality and allow you to produce video content quickly, easily, and simply.

However, when filming video content on a smartphone, remember to always switch to aeroplane mode to avoid interruptions from calls and alerts and to always film vertical video.

Plan your content

To record great TikTok content, be sure to plan, write, and rehearse a script. By doing so, you are likely to feel more comfortable in front of, or behind, the camera, and if you are working in a group, the whole team will have a good understanding of the video content and style.

Planning your content also allows you to batch-film your TikTok content. You can then save the videos to your drafts and post them later.

Creating a storyboard is also a great way to plan for your next TikTok video. To create a storyboard, you can use apps like Pinterest to find images that turn your video script into a visual.

Alternatively, you can draw rough sketches that bring your ideas to life on a piece of paper. Either way, your TikTok storyboard should consider the style of video, visuals you wish to include, transitions, special effects, and sounds.

For inspiration, check out tutorials uploaded to TikTok already. On the app, you will find many guides and tutorials that will teach you how to record transitions, edit content, and add exciting visuals to inspire your next TikTok.

Add captions and subtitles

Audio and trending sounds are a significant part of the TikTok experience and are just as important as visuals when it comes to your branding. However, subtitles and captions can help you reach more people and improve audience engagement.

With captions, you can improve your content’s reach, value, and accessibility. When you add subtitles, you reach additional users that wouldn’t otherwise be able to view, consume, or interact with your videos.

Placing text over videos in the TikTok app also helps your video to become discoverable via search. To add captions and subtitles to your TikTok video you can use the TikTok Closed Captions tool or add them via an external editing app such as Video Leap or CapCut.

Use these tips and snippets of advice to start creating excellent TikTok content for your business. Or if you need a hand with your TikTok marketing plan, get in touch with us today.

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