How often should you post on social media?

26 January 2018

As a business, it can be hard to know how often to post on social media. There’s no definitively right or wrong answer, and the thing to focus on is quality, not quantity.

If you post 5 times to Instagram and tweet 15 times throughout the day, what’s the point if the quality is poor? No one will engage with you.

The first rule of social media – if you have no quality content to share, you’re better off posting nothing at all that day.

Remember, your social media accounts are reflective of you and your business!

Statistically, how often should you post

Research has been carried out to see if there is an answer as to how many times we should post to social media. The conclusions do vary slightly, but all come back to a similar figure.

Hubspot mentions that, across a study of top brands, the brands posted to Instagram 1.5 times per day. We agree that 1–2 times per day on Instagram is enough for a business to increase engagement and awareness.

You don’t want to bombard people with constant images from your brand, just a daily reminder you’re there is enough.

Posting on Twitter

On Twitter, you can post more regularly throughout the day. A post on twitter with hashtags and links has double the chance of receiving engagement than a tweet without!

Research relevant hashtags for your business and use them effectively

Socialbakers analysed tweets from 11 thousand global brands and found that after the third tweet, engagement started to decline.

We think 3-5 times per day is just the right amount to tweet without over-sharing.

Posting on Facebook

With Facebook, it’s different again. We think 1–2 times per day is enough posts to keep yourself known and current.

Remember on Facebook, the more likes, reactions and engagement you receive, the more people your post will reach!

This is why quality content is so important, the more engagement you create the more you will receive.

Here at M.A.D, we’re social media-obsessed and know exactly what content is needed for your social media accounts to thrive. If you don’t know where to start, or would like help with managing your social media, get in touch!

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