Happy #NationalSelfieDay!

21 June 2021

Love them or loathe them, selfies have become a synonymous with social media and have become a standard expectation on most of our feeds.

But as a business, it’s often tricky to fit selfies into our brand strategy. After all, people are only here for our products and/or services right?

Well…maybe not as much as you might expect.

In the spirit of National Selfie Day, we wanted to give you some tips on how to incorporate selfies into your marketing strategy to help build your brand:

1: Show the face behind the brand – More than ever, customers are becoming more and more invested in the brands they associate with, with 70% saying trust in a brand is more important now than ever.

Introducing selfies into your social media content can help to show off the people behind your brand and help to cement that all important trust and transparency that your audience are looking for.

2: Celebrate your staff – While you’re showing off the face behind your brand, you’re also celebrating the hardworking staff that your customers are interacting with on a daily basis, whether they know it or not.

By introducing your workforce to your audience, your brand automatically becomes so much more personable and relatable.

3: Show your personality – Including some selfies in your feed is a great opportunity to get creative and let people know about your brand personality.

Whether you’re meeting for a team lunch, having a training day, taking part in a charity event, or simply sitting brainstorming ideas, taking a quick snap is a perfect chance to reflect your brands personality, be it professional, playful, or anywhere in-between.

4: Encourage your community to get involved – This can be done in a whole host of different ways, but you could take part in a challenge and encourage your audience to get involved, set up a giveaway, contest, or discounts for customers to tag you in their own selfies, introduce a designated selfie hashtag – the possibilities are endless!

5: Be creative – One of the best things about using selfies within your marketing strategy is just how creative you can be with them. Don’t be afraid to try new things; get involved in the latest trends, play with filters, use challenges, or include other brands in your content. You can use selfies for a range of content types such as:

There really is no limit to how you can incorporate selfies into your strategy.

If you aren’t sure the best ways in which to make your social media shine, get in touch. We love to chat about all things social 🙂

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