Five goals for every content creator

24 October 2022

Every content creator wants to see their hard work translate into proven results, right?

That’s why Claudia Stellner, the 13 year old writer behind @writing_cheats on Twitter, compiled the ultimate five goals of a writer.

These five goals highlight the steps every content creator should work towards in order to create great and effective content that delivers.

Here we break down Claudia’s five goals and explain how to achieve them and why they’re beneficial to your brand.

Capture attention

In order to help drive traffic to your website and convert hits into leads, you need to capture your audience’s attention.

Creating engaging content that your customers are likely to find interesting, helpful and relatable is one of the best ways to appeal to your target audience and improve brand awareness.

You can make the content feel personal to the reader by including power words that trigger a psychological response, using your expertise to inform, and addressing audience needs.

Content headlines and captions are usually the first points of contact with potential customers and should aim to persuade and encourage readers to interact with your content.

Blog titles and social media captions should summarise the subject matter and immediately hook the reader.

Keep attention

A study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span is eight seconds long. Therefore, you have eight seconds to grab your audience’s attention and keep it.

You can keep your audience’s interest piqued by being concise, relevant, and unique.

Today’s consumers are often busy with little time or patience, so it is important to prioritise the quality of your content over quantity. Quick and concise information is key.

Delivering relevant content to your target audience that they find valuable can increase customer retention. Ensure to create on-brand content with your readers in mind and evolve based on their challenges and interests.

The content you produce should remain true to and capture your brand personality and values. By doing so, your brand can create unique content and stand out from competitors. Focus on what makes your brand different and lean into your niche.

Spark emotion

Emotional hooks in content captivate readers and keep them emotionally invested. They have the power to make content memorable and effective.

Content that emotionally engages the audience can boost content engagement and sales conversions.

Emotional hooks are used in a range of media forms, including written and video material and can target positive and negative emotions depending on the content message.

By triggering an emotional response, your content resonates with the reader and encourages them to consider their own feelings, values and experiences.

An emotional connection with your audience can be built through honest, authentic, and direct messages within your content.

Make the reader take action

Content is created to inform and engage the audience but calling the reader to action provides meaning to your content and business purpose.

You can encourage the reader to act by implementing call to action sentences. Call to action sentences are a key element to let your audience know what they should do next.

Call to action sentences should motivate the reader to act based on what they have read by emphasising urgency and scarcity.

Common call to action requests include encouraging readers to sign up for a course, buy a product or complete a survey.

Before writing your call to action, you should define the action you want the reader to take next. The action can be varied and will depend on the nature of your business.

Be memorable

Memorable content helps to boost brand awareness, engage potential and existing customers and drive conversions.

Quality content answers audience questions and provides value and interest to the reader. By using a persuasive yet authentic tone to trigger an emotional response from your audience, your content becomes memorable and meaningful to the reader.

Creating memorable content drives customer retention and creates a reliable reputation for your brand.

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