April Marketing Dates and Content Ideas

30 March 2023

April is a cracking month for content, with a ton of eggciting dates to add into your marketing strategy!

(Is there a limit on how many Easter puns we can put in here?)

Here’s your complete list of all the key marketing dates in April you need for your diary and a healthy dose of content ideas to help get you started…

Throughout April:

Stress Awareness Month

Earth Month

Alcohol Awareness Month

Autism Acceptance Month

Parkinson’s Awareness Month


April week 1:

1st April: April Fool’s Day

1st: Easter Monday

1st April: Sourdough Bread Day

4th April: International Carrot Day

April week 2:

9th April: End of Ramadan (expected)

  • Celebrate the end of Ramadan and wish your team members and audience the best for Eid al Fitr
  • Plan a celebration with any of your team who may have been fasting during Ramadan, including traditional dishes and customs and share fun snaps of your team celebrations on your socials
  • Use the opportunity to educate your audience on the significance of Eid al Fitr or share any local organisations or events that your community can get involved in

10th April: Siblings Day

11th April: National Pet Day

11th April: Cheese Fondue Day

April week 3:

16th April: National Eggs Benedict Day

19th April: Bicycle Day


April week 4:

21st April: National Tea Day

22nd April: Earth Day

23rd April: St George’s Day

If you’re struggling for ideas to fill up your content calendar this April, get in touch and let’s chat about how we can conjure captivating content together!


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