All you need to know about Lemon8

17 April 2023

If you don’t already know, Lemon8 is the brand new social media app brought to you by the owners of TikTok and is already making waves around the world.

Lemon8 quickly gained traction in the US and has recently made its way to the UK. The app’s surge in popularity has left content creators, social media managers, and business owners all asking the same questions- what is it and do I need it?

So far, Lemon8 has been described as a mix of popular social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest which has users expecting big things. To help you decide if downloading yet another social media app is worth it, we have rounded up all you need to know about the new rising star.

What is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is a new video and photo-sharing social media app launched by ByteDance, the creators of TikTok, and just like its sister app, Lemon8 caters primarily for a Gen Z audience.

The platform describes itself as ‘a place for young creatives to share a diversity of content from fashion, makeup, food, and travel to homewares, pets, and anything else you can imagine’.

The app first debuted in 2020 and first hit UK markets back in February 2023 and so far, has over 17 million lifetime downloads. Whether the Lemon8 app can copy TikTok’s success remains unknown as it is still in its infancy but its rapid growth so far has the social media industry gripped.

Why is Lemon8 gaining popularity?

It’s been a few years now since TikTok emerged as a leading social media platform – largely down to the pandemic.

Gen Z are hungry for something new. They’re leaving established platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in search of a seamless, interactive experience. A social media mash-up including the best of each platform.

That’s where Lemon8 comes in.

Downloaded over 650,000 times in the past couple of weeks in the US, the app is tapping into Gen Z’s love of all things aesthetic.

It feels like a very community-driven app, something that modern audiences place high on their list of values, particularly with brands.

How to use Lemon8

Instagram meets Pinterest meets TikTok is the most common description of Lemon8 and how the app works. Combining the best of each, Lemon8 is a ‘new, refreshing, and efficient idea’ built for sharing and creating authentic, beautiful, and diverse content.

Unlike TikTok, the Lemon8 app does not support vertical video scrolling and has a majority focus on photo posts which is reminiscent of old Instagram. However, it does have both a ‘following’ and ‘for you’ feed just like the clock app.

On the new platform, you will also find long-form content such as blog-style posts, written reviews, inspiration, and informative guides with a heavy focus on lifestyle topics you would typically discover on Pinterest such as food, fashion, health, and travel.

Like other apps, you can sign up for Lemon8 using your email address or phone number and choose your own username. Once set up, you are free to scroll your feed, browse the app, and interact with other users.

TikTok or Lemon8?

Both created by the same company, there’s a question over whether one platform is better than the other.

Should you choose to invest your time in TikTok, Lemon8 or a mixture of both?

The truth is – it depends on your brand, your goals and your target audience, as well as the content you’re looking to produce (or are comfortable producing).

Lemon8 has a stronger pull for influencer marketing, whereas TikTok has more focus on content creation.

TikTok has grown to encompass countless industries, niches and areas of interest, and no matter what it is you’re looking for, chances are there’s already a thriving community of like-minded people populating the space.

While still in its early stages, Lemon8 is very much trying to attract users and creators in the beauty, lifestyle and foodie sectors – but that doesn’t mean it won’t expand its reach into other industries as its popularity grows.

Do I need a Lemon8 account?

Lemon8 offers a unique blend of content and has quickly come up through the ranks. If you want to get ahead in the game, it is definitely worth downloading and checking out what it has to offer.

However, it is important to remember that Lemon8 is still fairly new to the social media scene so features far less content and engagement than other established social media apps and platforms. Content and user engagement are expected to come with time and as the app develops.

So now it’s over to you, will you be signing up for Lemon8? Let us know your thoughts! Or if you’re still not sure, get in touch with us today to discuss your socials!

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