AI And Its Impact on Marketing

22 April 2024

AI And Its Impact on Marketing | 5-minute read

Artificial intelligence is transforming how brands and businesses connect with customers. From content creation to audience engagement, AI is revolutionising the marketing landscape as we know it.

Modern consumers are inundated with content and choices, leaving marketers with the challenge of cutting through the noise to deliver powerful, engaging, and informative messages to their target audience.

With AI, this becomes a whole lot easier with new opportunities that allow marketing campaigns and content creation to reach new heights.

After hearing some fascinating insights from a recent webinar featuring Ross Simmonds, CEO and founder of Foundation Marketing, we’ve pulled together some of the key takeaways to share with you about the current state of artificial intelligence and its impact on marketing.

AI As a Creative Partner

While chatbots and conversational AI are still in their infancy, already they have the power to serve as much more than just a tool.

AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, can serve as a creative partner with the ability to brainstorm ideas, generate content, and assist in a variety of tasks to enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

Marketers and brands who leverage artificial intelligence as a creative partner can draft copy, generate new ideas, and create engaging content by offering chatbots clear and specific prompts.

However, as Ross Simmonds explains, “You can start to say [to ChatGPT], write the emails, write the social media posts. You want PR outreach? Ask write templates of the emails that I should create. Treat AI like the best colleague that you can have, but remember they are still limited.

“They are not human. They are not creative to a point in a degree where you’re going to be able to get, today, the outputs you would get from the marketers in the world so you may be to augment it and adjust.”

AI Enhancing Human Potential

Furthermore, using chatbots and conversational AI tools as a creative partner rather than a replacement for human expertise enhances and amplifies human potential.

By automating repetitive tasks and initial brainstorming activities marketers can focus on tasks that require unique human qualities such as storytelling and building connections with their audience and network.

With this perspective, AI is not a threat to human creativity and jobs, but an accelerant to drive us forward.

Ross explained, “There’s still a lot of fear in the hearts of many around AI and I get it. What I would encourage people to think about when it comes to AI is less so around the fear of things and more about how these things will allow us and give us the ability to do more human focused work.

“For me, the biggest thing, and the biggest lesson that I wish more people realise is AI is not our enemy. AI is an accelerant of human potential… I think more people need to put the fear aside, experiment with it and see how much more of your life you can get back because you embrace these tools.”

Continuous Learning and Adaption

As AI continues to innovate and advance, it’s important for marketers and brands to learn and adapt alongside it. With continuous learning and adaption as AI technology evolves, marketers can remain informed and take a proactive approach to experimenting with new tools.

Engagement and embracing a mindset of continuous learning is encouraged to help marketers and content creators stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of AI.

By leveraging new artificial intelligence technologies, brands and drive innovation alongside efficiency and productivity.

Ross Simmonds say, “The opportunities there are absolutely ridiculous. But with great power comes great responsibility.

“I’m not saying go out and use all these things [AI tools] immediately. You must experiment, you must test, and you must understand whether or not the laws in your state, country, province, whatever it is, allows for it. That’s where we are today. It’s wild time.”

The Ethical Considerations

While embracing AI, it’s important to remain mindful of ethical considerations such as responsible use of technology. Maintaining authenticity in content creation is an essential practice and something marketers should strive for.

At this stage, many ethical implications and disclosure requirements are subject to ongoing debate and personal opinions and beliefs. However, it can be expected that as AI becomes more widespread, rules and regulations regarding disclosure are likely to be introduced.

Ross emphasises the importance of considering the ethical and environmental implications of AI, noting, “What is for sure though, is that there is a bunch of ethical and environmental considerations with AI and, we need to be educating ourselves on these things as well. I think that is fair.”

At M.A.D, we leverage AI strategically and believe artificial intelligence is a tool, not a replacement for our personalised and bespoke social media, marketing, PR, and content writing services.

Want to see how we can help elevate your social media and marketing efforts, get in touch!

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