A M.A.D PR Workshop

15 June 2022

A M.A.D PR Workshop

How is it that saying goes – “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”.

Well, we’re turning that phrase on its head and doing both with our PR workshop and consulting services!


Within our little team, we’ve racked up a fair few years of experience across the PR & marketing fields, and it’s something we love to chat about – with each other, with our family & friends, with others in the industry, but we especially love chatting with people who may not be certain about what PR actually is, or how to use it effectively.


So, when we were asked by the wonderful team at the University of Sunderland Enterprise Team to come and speak to a group of their amazing students and graduates as part of their Digital Incubator, we couldn’t resist.


Having started our own journey with the UoS Enterprise Place over 8 years ago, this was an especially exciting opportunity for us to go back to where it all began and meet with a bunch of like-minded entrepreneurs, thirsty for some PR knowledge.


The session was centred around ‘PR for start-ups’, and we jumped in with the aim of giving the group a baseline knowledge of PR and begin to get them thinking about how they could use it within their own businesses.

MAD Communications running a PR Workshop

Now, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to teach someone every aspect of a topic as broad as PR in a short 2 hours (coming from a team with 3 undergrad degrees and 3 PR Master’s degrees between us, not to mention countless hours of hands-on experience, we know how long this stuff takes to learn), so one of the biggest challenges for us was how do we slim it down, make it engaging and thought-provoking without boring everyone to sleep?


Ah, the joys of also being a team of skilled copywriters (if we do say so ourselves).


We brought in a bunch of interactive elements, so the group weren’t stuck listening to the sounds of our voices for 2 hours. We introduced the students to the fundamentals of creating a PR plan, and at each stage had them think on how they could implement it within their own business, getting them to jot down ideas and share them as a group.


There was plenty of opportunities for questions, and we had some amazing discussions with the students and graduates about their own ideas and what might work or not work for them.

MAD Communications running a PR Workshop

Jenny Westgate, Enterprise Co-ordinator at the University of Sunderland Enterprise Place and master orchestrator behind the sessions said:


The session was great! It was so good to have PR experts who have started a business themselves come full-circle and deliver such detailed content that is so relevant to up and coming start-ups.


We had some fantastic feedback from the students and graduates who attended, with some getting in touch with the team afterwards about their projects which we’re super excited to help with and advise on!

As our team grows, we’re excited to take on more opportunities to give a little back to the local community, be that through more talks or workshops at educational establishments, or through interactive sessions or consultations with businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Want some help to get to grips with the fundamentals of PR? Want to introduce your team to the benefits of PR and workshop how they can work in practice with your brand? Whatever you might need a helpful voice (or 3) for, we’re here to help!


Get in touch & let’s chat about our workshop & consultation services.





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