9 Signs It’s Time You Invested in Social Media Management

16 August 2021

Part 1 of a brand new mini – series, we kick things off by looking at 9 signs it’s time you invested in social media management!

Investing in social media management or a social media manager can be a bit of a scary step for any business.

You’re putting one of your greatest assets in the hands of a stranger. But for many organisations, both small and super-sized, there comes a time where bringing a trusted hand in to help with your social media management becomes a necessity.

So, not sure if it’s the right time to bite the bullet and bring in the big guns?

Here are 9 top signs that may just mean it’s time you invested in some professional social media management.

1 – You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed

Not everyone finds it easy to keep up with the latest social media platforms and features.

Which platform is right for you? Do you need a presence on EVERY platform? How many times a week should you post? What content is your audience interacting with? What are your competitors doing?

It can all get a bit overwhelming if you aren’t necessarily social media savvy, and sometimes you just need to take a step back and let a social media manager step in and take control.

Having a dedicated person or team looking after your social channels, means they can identify where your audiences are, and which platforms you should invest your time in to reach those audiences, as well as staying on top of platform updates, new trends or any reactive content your brand can make use of!

2 – Your posts aren’t getting engagement

We’ve seen it before, so many times.

You’re posting content regularly across your social media platforms, but you aren’t attracting any likes, comments or shares, and it can feel SO frustrating.

But are you giving your audience what they want, or what you think they want?

Taking the time to learn about your audience, what platforms they use and what content they resonate with takes time.

If you aren’t giving your audience quality content that provides them with some kind of value, they’re just gonna scroll on by.

Social media is all about targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right words, pictures or videos that make them stop and pay attention. Proper social media management can help you do just that.

3 – You have no idea what to post

Content curation and creation is haaaaard (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer screen, winging your posts day after day, it’s probably time you look at creating a social media strategy!

(We can help with that…just saying)

4 – You just don’t have the time!

Listen, we get it.

Time is precious, especially if you’re a smaller business with just a few members of staff at your disposal. Or maybe it’s just you on your own, struggling to juggle every branch of your business at the same time.

Something that many people don’t realise until they have to do it themselves, is that social media management takes time. Pinpointing audiences, competitor research, producing content calendars, creating graphics, taking pictures or videos, editing, creating thought provoking captions, deciding on posting schedules – the list goes on.

Social media strategy (a good one in any case) takes time to research, plan and nurture. Time you may not have to spare. That’s why investing in proper social media management is key to your overall growth strategy, especially if time is of the essence!

5 – You’re spreading yourself thin over too many platforms

(OR you aren’t on ENOUGH platforms)

Social media is evolving at a CRAZY rate, and it seems there’s always a new platform to hop onto. But do you need to be on ALL of them?

Ask yourself where your audience is and pick your platforms to capitalise on that!

Spending hours recording the perfect TikTok is all well and good, but only if your audience is around to see it.

6 – You’re posting what interests YOU, not your audience

Feel like you’re posting into the void?

Not seeing any meaningful conversations happening on your socials?

Remember – just because you find a topic engaging and exciting, it doesn’t mean your audience will.

Experiment with topics, ask questions, research the types of things your audience are looking for help with, and create content that compliments both your audience needs, and your own interests.

7 – Social media isn’t a priority

Not everyone places social media high up on their list of priorities, but it isn’t something that should be ignored altogether.

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s a social media niche just waiting to be taken advantage of. But if you haven’t seen the value of social media to your organisation, you may not be as inclined to give it a significant portion of your time.

Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, it’s been proven that consumers have higher levels of trust, engagement and are often more likely to purchase from brands who have an active social media presence.

Customers like to see that brands are more than just names, logos and websites. They like to see the personality behind the company façade.

If you aren’t keeping up with your social media channels, you’re leaving space for your competitors to swoop in and take advantage.

8 – You’re missing out on key audience insights

Social media isn’t just cat memes and viral challenges.Social media platforms and analytics can provide you with a wealth of insights and opportunities for your company growth outside of the digital sphere.Social media can tell us a lot about who our audience is, what they like and what they want to see from us, and that can help you to dictate what your company offers in return.Are you regularly engaging with your customers to find out if they’re happy with your service? Are you using your platforms to test ideas, give sneak peaks and judge audience reactions, or to keep tabs on what’s going on in your industry as a whole?If you aren’t using your social media platforms effectively, you’re missing out on boat loads of information that can help better your brand and your offering – another tick in favour of social media management!

9 – Social media has become a chore

It’s easy to get burnt out from social media. If you’re sick of the sight of your own socials, it might be time to get a fresh perspective. If you’re stuck on one platform, is it time to try and branch out?

If your content is always still images, is it time to bring in some video or audio clips?

Social media should be fun! Experimentation is part of the game, and if that sounds like your worst nightmare, it might be time to call in

the professionals…

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re struggling to keep on top of your social media, if you aren’t sure where to begin, or if you’re a bit of a technophobe who’s worst nightmare is keeping track of the latest social media developments, we’re here to help.

With boatloads of experience dealing with social media content across a HUGE range of industries (and we really do mean huge), we love getting to the heart of your business and figuring out just how we can make social media work for you.

Check out some of what we’ve done for previous clients, and feel free to get in touch to chat to us about your social media needs or ideas for your own organisation, whatever the size or industry 🙂

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