5 Marketing newsletters you need in your inbox

13 March 2023

Marketing newsletters are a great way to keep up to date with the marketing world and can be a helpful tool when it comes to creating and adapting your marketing strategy.

Here are five marketing newsletters you need to have in your inbox to stay in the marketing know.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a tool businesses and organisations use to share helpful, valuable, and relevant information with a network of subscribers.

Marketing newsletters typically contain links to helpful blog posts, marketing tips, informative guides, templates, industry updates, company news, event information, discounts, and promotions.

When you subscribe to a marketing newsletter you get access to the latest marketing news, tips, and tricks from industry know-alls.

5 Marketing newsletters you should subscribe to now

Here are five marketing newsletters you should subscribe to know if you want social media and marketing tips, discounts, downloads, webinars, exclusive info, and insights.

The Marketing Meetup

Created by marketers for marketers, The Marketing Meetup is a safe and kind space gifting inspiration, knowledge, events, webinars, and valuable tips to its community.

The Marketing Meetup team holds weekly real-life and online events with industry professionals. Get the newsletter to get an invite to attend, the recording, and the key takeaways from said events. You will also get access to marketing tips and a list of marketing jobs that are available right now!

Dave Harland

Dave Harland, also known as ‘The Word Man’, is the go-to guy for all things copy. With over two decades of copywriting and marketing experience, he for sure knows what he’s talking about.

When you subscribe to the newsletter you get marketing tips, copywriting techniques, and as he puts it, downright ridiculous stories delivered to your inbox every Friday. Can’t wait? You can check out his blog for super copywriting advice right this instant.

Pretty Little Marketer

Pretty Little Marketer is a community of marketers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers that are surviving and thriving in the world of social media. During a moment of uncertainty in 2020, Sophie Miller started to post simple marketing tips on Instagram and Pretty Little Marketer was born. Now running marketing workshops, webinars, and one-to-one services, Pretty Little Marketer supports and helps marketers navigate the marketing field.

Get a weekly round-up of the latest social media trends, campaigns, and news alongside social media, branding, and marketing tips when you sign up for the newsletter.

Fabric Academy

Fabric Academy works with marketers and marketing teams looking to level up their knowledge with strategy courses and corporate training opportunities. Founded by Lisa Eaton who has worked in marketing for over twenty years, Fabric’s unique marketing approach allows marketers to thrive.

You can join the Fabric community today by subscribing to the newsletter. By doing so, you get access to top industry tips and techniques, the best tools, helpful insights, and ‘must sees’ from the marketing world.

M.A.D Communications

Okay, so we may be biased but we think that the M.A.D newsletter is more than worthy of a place in your inbox. Packed with all things marketing, social media, and beyond, our newsletter is your monthly bite-sized chunk of comms joy.

Subscribe today for marketing info, free downloads, industry news, how-to guides, memes, and more from the M.A.D team! Oh, and you can now subscribe on LinkedIn!

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