August: Dates for Your Diary and Content Ideas

Okay, let’s start this off with the thought on everyone’s minds…



Whew…with that out of our system, it’s time to get over the initial shock that we’re somehow only 4 months away from Christmas (we said it, we’re sorry), and start to plan some killer content for this month!


We’ve highlighted some of the key marketing dates of August 2021 and added a few additional ideas that you could include in your digital or social media content this month.


August 2nd – 8th


August 6thInternational Beer Day content ideas:

  • Crack out a cold one in the office/WFH while celebrating your business achievements so far this year or a recent win and share it on your socials.
  • Invite your community to ‘cheers’ with you – ask them to tag you in their own International Beer Day posts and re-post their content to your stories.
  • Host your own virtual ‘pub quiz’ with prizes or a giveaway for the winner.


August 8thInternational Cat Day content ideas:

  • Share photos of your/your team’s cats
  • Ask your community to submit pictures of their own cats with your product
  • Shout-out local shelters or cat/animal charities in your area or that you may support, or donate to a local animal charity.


August 9th – 15th


August 9th – National Book Lovers Day content ideas:

  • Share your/your team’s top book picks of the month or book recommendations.
  • Share some of your favourite inspirational quotes from books you have read/written (p.s, it falls on a Monday so it’s a great opportunity for a good old #MotivationMonday post!)
  • Engage your audience and ask them for their book recommendations.

August 16th-22nd


August 17th – National Non-Profits Day content ideas:

  • Shout out any charities you support or have contributed too or have your staff vote for a charity of their choice and make a donation.
  • If you are a charity, share some of your work and success stories.
  • Arrange to spend the day with a local charity, volunteering your/your teams time and document the day.

August 23rd – 29th


August 26thInternational Dog Day content ideas:

  • Share pictures of your/your team’s canine pals.
  • Go on a ‘virtual dog walk’ and ask your audience to tag you in photos or videos of their own dog walk that you can share.
  • Shout-out local shelters or dog/animal charities in your area or that you may support, or donate to a local animal charity.


August 28th – National Thoughtful Day content ideas:

  • Shout out a member of your team who has gone above and beyond and who deserves a little extra praise!
  • Ask your audience to share stories of anyone in their lives that they feel is especially thoughtful.
  • Take part in a random act of kindness and document the process.


August 30th-31st


August 30th – Bank Holiday Content Ideas

  • Share an ‘Out of Office’ message, or let your audience know that you’re working through the bank holiday.
  • Share what you/your team each have planned for the bank holiday.
  • Ask your audience to share what they are up to on their bank holiday and tag you in any images/videos that might include your product/service.


Are there any dates we missed, or any other content ideas you’d like to try this month?

Let us know!


Have a great August from all the team at M.A.D